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We are immensely proud of the work we've been able to do for our clients throughout the years.
Every client is our partner and we are committed to their success by helping them grow their brand.

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Our client portfolio features a number of successfully implemented design & marketing strategies in industries such as; financial, legal services, mortgage & real estate, travel & tourism, music & entertainment, dental, health, restaurant & clubs, government, technology, photography, flooring, construction, industrial, investment and interior design among others.

Stark Depot
Vancouver, BC

Acupoint Bio
Vancouver, Canada

Audio Ignition
North Vancouver, Canada

Bailey Boussard & Sons Ltd
Vancouver, Canada

BC Forest Safety Council
Vancouver, Canada

BC Shoplifting Lawyers
Vancouver, Canada

Cherry Point Vineyards
Vancouver, Canada

City Tours
New Jersey, USA

Clean Energy Combustion Systems
Vancouver, Canada

Retiro Maya
Tulum, Mexico

Consulado General del Perú en Vancouver
Vancouver, Canada

Credit Grantors Association of Vancouver
Vancouver, Canada

DBMSI – Dorr Business Management Systems
Miami, USA

Dedicated Dental Service
Tucson, USA

DW Financial Solutions
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Distinctive Interiors
Orange, USA

Electronics Recycling Global
Vancouver, Canada

Enjoy Learning in Canada
Vancouver, Canada

Estate Property Services
West Vancouver, Canada

Fernanda B. – Realtor
Vancouver, Canada

Figure it Out? PACE Fitness
North Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

Fresh Canvas
North Vancouver, Canada

Miami, USA

Gale Capital
West Vancouver, Canada

Garpy Concrete & Restoration
Vancouver, BC

IHL Hardwood Flooring
Austin, USA

Interstyle Ceramic & Glass Ltd.
Vancouver, Canada

Intrading Hardwoods & Lumber
Austin, USA

Isler Insurance
Miami, USA

Izzo Consulting
Vancouver, Canada

Jan Bayer – Realtor
Vancouver, Canada

Juice Marketing
Vancouver, Canada

Kelsan Technologies Corp.
North Vancouver, Canada

KLB Inc.
West Vancouver, Canada

North Vancouver, Canada

Mambo Net Communications
Vancouver, Canada

Honolulu, USA

Moto Ergonomics
North Vancouver, Canada

Moto Technical Solutions
Vancouver, Canada

Mountain View Conservation & Breeding Society
New Westminster, Canada

Nitinat Mineral Corporation
Toronto, Canada

Norion Restaurant Cleaning Services Ltd.
Vancouver, Canada

One Person Genetics
Vancouver, Canada

One Person Health
Vancouver, Canada

Physio Room
Vancouver, Canada

Polytan USA
Calhoun, Georgia

Prominex Resource Corp.
Vancouver, Canada

Prominex Resource Corp.
Vancouver, Canada

RedLion Resources Corp.
Vancouver, Canada

Reflections Gastronomie
Steveston, Canada

Salsa Cruises.com
Vancouver, Canada

Sisters Pace Fitness
Burnaby, Canada

What our clients say

``Solocube Creative finished the building and design of our website. The website has exceeded our expectations! We get comments on how appealing and professional the sites looks everyday. It has brought us up to the next level, and I must say that its is one of the best looking sites within our Industry. Solocube gets a 5 star recommendation from us and we will continue on using their SEO service!``- Sean Page, GreenWorks Carpet Care
``Our customers tell us all the time (unsolicited!) that our website really impressed them and made us stand out from our competitors. It’s given us a huge competitive advantage and has bolstered our polished and professional image. When we started working with Ivan from Solocube, all we had for him was a basic page hierarchy that we wanted; Ivan listened to us and used design concepts we wouldn’t have thought of to take our brand to another level. Solocube was also able to get us to the #1 rank in google under a few different search termswithin a few months of going live, and we saw a BIG increase in business from this. Our online presence wouldn’t be what it is today without Solocube!``- Karen Parusel, SoundHouse Studios
``Solocube has done an excellent job of communicating the strength and scope of Dominion Tours to our clients. We have been around since 1985 and realize that to continue growing we have to be competitive online too—our tours are well-organized, fun, and educational, and we want our Website to be a natural extension of that—the Dominion Tours experience– something that is different and unique. I am confident that the new site will attract even more visitors from Spain, Mexico, and Latin America to visit Western Canada because it is more eye-catching, informative and robust.``- Rafael Carrasco, Dominion Tours
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