What our clients say about us

“I first contacted Solocube Creative to redesign my website. They did a fantastic job! I am super happy with the way they built and designed my company’s website.

These guys are professionals! Not only did they design my site, but they took care of all the content writing for it as well. Now I am ranking on the first page of Google and getting more leads!

I really recommend Solocube, Ivan and his team communicate really well and I am happy to say that now my company looks way better than my competition!

I look forward to keep working with Solocube and see what they come up with my marketing.”

Erman CelikProLevel Concrete Resurfacing Inc.

“…In regards to the brochures, we received them yesterday and are very happy. You were very helpful and patient throughout the design process…I know we had many little changes. We are very happy with Solocube and will recommend your company in the future.”

Drake K.TWC Vancouver

“Solocube Creative finished the building and design of our website 3 months ago. The website has exceeded our expectations! We get comments on how appealing and professional the sites looks everyday. It has brought us up to the next level, and I must say that its is one of the best looking sites within our Industry. Solocube gets a 5 star recommendation from us and we will continue on using their SEO service!”

Sean PageGreenWorks Carpet Care
“We started working with Solocube Creative to establish our brand by creating our logo, which we love. They designed our product manual, product brochure and then the Solocube design team did an outstanding job creating and optimizing our Website www.theforceguard.com.

As our site was focused around the promotion and marketing of a new and innovative product it was important that the site illustrated not only what the product was but also how to use it and how it would benefit the end user. Solocube not only achieved this but also effectively branded our product to a mass audience through a comprehensive online marketing campaign.”

Chris SteeleForceguard – Portable Door Lock
When it was time to update our website, we once again contacted Solocube.  They also did the original website a few years back.

Solocube worked with us to re-design a website that would meet our needs. Our website shows not only the products that we normally supply, but also much of what we have done in terms of innovation and production of custom made units to meet our customers’ requirements and specifications. Much of what you see has actually been produced or assembled in our workshop. Solocube helped us pick the best pictures to showcase.

We have had many inquiries from various sources. Some are companies operating abroad, and they write or e-mail us offering their line of products, which we then evaluate as potential suppliers.

Other visitors to our website are companies that are operating in Peru, mostly in the mining and construction areas. They usually have an upcoming project in the country and need quotations or technical assistance. This often leads to a mutually beneficial commercial relationship.

Our website is also visited by individual owners, many outside of Lima. They typically own one or more trucks which they need to equip to handle fuel oil delivery to the end user. In time, many have grown to form medium sized companies – you can tell because the size and quantity of equipment they purchase from us tend to increase (for example, they switch from 12 volts to larger power take off units).

Finally, there are a number of customers who are already familiar with us, but they also log on to our website. Since the launch of the new design, the traffic on the website has increased. Our customers refer to the pictures and have told us how much they like the new design, and this helps us consolidate our position in the local market.

Working with Ivan from Solocube Creative is always a pleasure. He is knowledgeable, patient, always available and professional. I highly recommend working with Ivan and Solocube!

Gabriela Freyre-CalishEnrique Freyre SAC-Lima Perú
Our customers tell us all the time (unsolicited!) that our website really impressed them and made us stand out from our competitors.

It’s given us a huge competitive advantage and has bolstered our polished and professional image. When we started working with Ivan from Solocube, all we had for him was a basic page hierarchy that we wanted; Ivan listened to us and used design concepts we wouldn’t have thought of to take our brand to another level.

Solocube was also able to get us to the #1 rank in google under a few different search terms within a few months of going live, and we saw a BIG increase in business from this. Our online presence wouldn’t be what it is today without Solocube!”

Karen Parusel, OwnerSoundHouse Studios

The new Website has done wonders for Centaur by renewing our brand image and presenting our customers with an exciting interactive Website,” said Chris Wayne, sales and marketing coordinator for Centaur. “Centaur’s new Website is now setting the standard for our industry in terms of design and functionality.

Chris Waine, Sales & MarketingCentaur Products Inc.
“We hired Solocube to design and develop three Website projects in the last 4 years.  In each case we had a good idea of what we wanted, but our ideas needed to be cleaned up and put into form. On the first project we asked for design proposals from Solocube and two competing companies. We explained what we had in mind and asked for their ideas and quotes.

The web design proposal from Solocube was the most professional. It was clear that the people at Solocube listened to us. They integrated our ideas into a seamless website that met our marketing objectives. Within days of asking for the proposal we knew we found the right company to create and design our new website. We were so impressed with Solocube that we then hired them to redesign a website we had created for another of our brands.

Our old site was good, but it had started to look out of date and the technology had changed. Solocube took on the project for what we consider a very reasonable price. The new website looks great, web traffic is up and we are converting more callers into customers. We’re very satisfied with the work Solocube has done for us over the last 4 years. We have two more projects underway and we know we can count on them to get the job done in a professional way at a reasonable price.

Paul Doroshenko, Founder & OwnerAcumen Law Corporation

Utilizing the latest technology, the Solocube team achieved its dual mandates and created a sleek, streamlined Website that leverages City Tours’ profile and reputation. “The site offers visitors everything necessary to choose and book a tour in one visit,” City Tours Network Administrator Orlando Pagan said. “It’s like having a high-level, personal travel agent at your fingertips.”

Orlando PaganCity Tours Inc.

“The vision of the new Website (www.consuladoperu.ca) was created out the necessity to provide efficient communication for the services that Peruvians and Canadians require,” says Augusto Freyre, Consul General of Peru in Vancouver. “Its mission is to bring attention, protection and Consulate support to the Peruvian local community, and build a platform for equally prompt attention to Canadians and foreign residents within its jurisdiction. With Solocube’s professional support, we’ve been able to achieve just that. ”

Augusto Freyre, General Consul of Peru in Vancouver Consulate General of Peru in Vancouver

Solocube’s complete redesign and development of the site will add value for members and consumers by increasing accessibility to valuable information through improved site navigation, and providing a more effective vehicle to educate consumers about important issues affecting their ability to develop and maintain good credit. The timing is significant with our 75th year beginning, and we expect 2005 to be an excellent year.”

Loren Cooke, DirectorCredit Grantors Association of Vancouver

Solocube has done an excellent job of communicating the strength and scope of Dominion Tours to our clients. We have been around since 1985 and realize that to continue growing we have to be competitive online too—our tours are well-organized, fun, and educational, and we want our Website to be a natural extension of that—the Dominion Tours experience– something that is different and unique. I am confident that the new site will attract even more visitors from Spain, Mexico, and Latin America to visit Western Canada because it is more eye-catching, informative and robust.”

Rafael Carrasco, DirectorDominion Tours

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“The new Website certainly creates a focal point to discuss and improve upon professional standards,” says Don Barr, President of the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC. Barr also sees the Website as an important way to market the Association’s applied information courses, which are designed specifically to meet the rapidly changing needs of the industry.

Moe Lessan, Chair of the communications board overseeing the project, says, “Our goal was to design a highly informative Website to be utilized by the public, MBABC members and potential mortgage brokers. The site had to be user-friendly and easy to surf with an attractive layout. Solocube addressed all of our requirements and provided us with professional advice by considering the fast growth of the mortgage broker industry, and by designing and implementing a Website that exceeded our expectations.

Moe Lessan, Executive DirectorMortgage Brokers Association of BC

We are excited about the increased functionality the site provides. It is easy for members to register online and gain information about our monthly events. Our new Website supports our goal of being the key source of information for all stakeholders involved in the mortgage investment industry in British Columbia.”

Loren Cooke, Board MemberMortgage Investment Association of BC

“Polytan will bring cutting-edge technology designed for professional athletes to every city, school and park across North America,” said Josef Langenwalter, CEO of Polytan USA. “Kids are our most precious athletes, the thousands who play on artificial surfaces day daily. It’s their passion for sport that makes us working even harder every day, researching and developing new technologies, in order to make their playing field a safer place.”

Josef Langenwalter, CEOPolytan USA

“Our old site didn’t communicate who we really are. We needed a solution that would help us to do what we do best in person: establish trust with clients, and deliver premium quality products using leading digital technology to protect them and their property. The new site developed by Solocube does exactly what we want it to, and we are excited about growth for 2005.”

Carlos Del Aguila, General ManagerScott Security Systems

“Part of our success has been driven by maintaining control over the production process to ensure the high level of quality and durability that our customers and dedicated team have come to expect. Solocube was selected to design our Website because we wanted a design firm with the same level of commitment to building quality infrastructure: we don’t just want something that looks good; it has to work.”

Doug Blaney, OwnerViking Alexander

The new Website has seriously promoted WordLogic by laying out in a simple and easily understood fashion our revolutionizing technology that is changing how people communicate electronically,”

Peter Knaven, Senior Vice-PresidentWordLogic Corporation
The Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia would like to recommend Ivan Dancourt of Solocube Creative. Ivan’s dedication and contribution to our business with Web design and ongoing maintenance assisted us greatly.

Always ready to assist, we knew that we could count on his attention to detail, our needs, and occasional emergency mitigation. Ivan was readily available and pleasant to work with.

The Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia highly recommends Ivan Dancourt and Solocube Creative as a solution in Website design.”

Tamera Olsen, Executive DirectorMortgage Brokers Association of BC

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“This letter is my recommendation for Ivan Dancourt of Solocube Creative Group. I have dealt with Ivan since 2003. He was always pleasant to deal with and innovative with his designs. He has provided our Web Design and hosting for Centaur Products Inc., Polytan USA, as well as Rec Turf Inc. Each site had different requirements and Ivan was able to meet each need with his great communication.

Ivan/Solocube, has been a part of our marketing strategy and has grown along with us.

Marketing and tracking our site was very important, and Ivan was able to provide statistics to analyze the visits to our extremely busy site.

He was always available to answer questions and provide information or feedback.

I highly recommend Ivan and Solocube. He is a great asset to assisting in promoting a strong presence on the Internet.”

Craig Nagai, National Sales ManagerCentaur Products Inc.

“We’ve truly enjoyed working with Solocube Creative Group on the design and development of our new website: although we’re located thousands of miles apart, our creative minds are definitely in the same place. Ivan Dancourt is an incredible resource and we are proud to have the expertise of Solocube to help us expand the Socosani brand.”


“We wanted the ability to showcase our previously completed projects, while introducing our customers to the new products on offer,” explains Rec-Turf’s marketing manager, Chris Waine. “Now we have a unique platform for clients to view our products and services, thereby differentiating Rec-Turf from other artificial turf companies.”

Chris Waine, Marketing ManagerRec-Turf Inc

“We are very pleased with our new site designed by Solocube Creative Group. It is an extension of our corporate commitment to accountability and accessibility, and we look forward to extending our reach online with Solocube’s marketing programs. Solocube’s ability to communicate in English and Spanish, combined with the firm’s fine track record for helping companies increase their site traffic and sales conversions is the reason we chose to work with them. “

Kat Bowles, Marketing CoordinatorUnited World Transportation

“We are very excited about the potential we have to reach more people now that we have invested in an online presence, and were impressed with Solocube’s professional approach to planning and development. Our goal was to work with a firm that could provide us with the proper guidance and expertise to communicate our key message, and we are exceptionally pleased with the results.“

Ryan Witmeyer, OwnerDW Financial Solutions

“Solocube was a pleasure to work with. Ivan really took care of us from start to finish. When we first reached out to them we had nothing, no logo and an old site. Ivan took us by the hand and presented us with a very professional brand and website that exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be working with them in marketing our site.”

Soheil Anbarani, OwnerWest Pacific Coatings

“We’re absolutely thrilled to launch our new site that reflects our merge with the former Henderson Carpet & Matting – the new site will showcase all the exciting logo and custom matting and rug options we’re now able to offer our clients!”

Ross Ferguson, General ManagerSource Floor & Specialties Inc

“I realize the importance of a good web presence in the present world. So, I wanted the website of my company to reflect the work we did. Since I am not a very tech-savvy person, I only gave an outline of how I wanted the website to look. I was essentially looking for a classy and easy-to-use website, and am thrilled that the team from Solocube has carried out my requirements to the letter and then some. I am pretty happy with the way the website looks. Now, Garpy has a website that can drive more business and establish a strong brand image”

Claudio Pineda, OwnerGarpy Concrete & Restoration

“The creative team at Solocube has developed a strategy keeping in view the specific needs of EZ lay Flooring; our expertise, experience, and values. Understanding our specific needs helped Solocube come up with an original and attractive website design and a unique identity that any customer can relate to and identify with.

Jindra Casperson, Owner EZ Lay Flooring

With our new website, I believe it is a step in the right direction to reach a larger market of people.  An interactive online presence is becoming a necessity and Solocube Creative designed exactly what we were looking for.  Our proudest feature is our online booking system, which enables users to make future appointments, view upcoming appointments, etc.  Our team is very excited to move forward with the new website and the patient based we all hope to reach!”

Mike Friesen, CEOMC Rehabilitation & Wellness

“Solocube was with us every step of the way collaborating on the design, creating an intuitive layout and developing a site that can grow with our experience.  Ivan understood the importance of the look and function and designed a site that exceeded our expectations. Thanks for your guidance, detail and determination in getting our new website on line!”

Julie Campbell, PartnerSSDG Interiors

“Solocube took us from a one dimensional digital presence to a user friendly, multi-dimensional company that can reach ten times the viewers.”

Jim Friesen, OwnerPineview Management

Solocube has done a great job of re-designing our new site. We are really proud of the new direction and content that the site offers our visitors. Mr. Dancourt and his team at Solocube have continued with us on our branding journey throughout the years, and have proven to be a very reliable and creative partner through any process. We look forward to what 2015 and beyond has in store.”

Kat Bowles, Marketing CoordinatorUnited World Transportation

XL Flooring is very excited to launch our new website. As part of a name change and corporate rebranding initiative this new site not only allows us to showcase our products to end users, we also have mini-sites for both the dealers we support AND the designers and architects who spec our products. We love the new design and great navigation and we’re thrilled that so much information can be made available to our customers and their customers.”

Deb McIntyre, ManagerXL Flooring

“Our criteria for partnering with a local marketing company was very specific, and choosing to work with Solocube was an easy decision after we learned how similar our expectations of a quality service are. The vision we have for Coultish & Co. is unique and the look had to represent our core values. I remember giving Ivan a list of adjectives describing the service and experience we strive to provide the clients and partners of  Coultish & Co., and we needed a strong brand that represented this.  Well we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. We are very proud of our brand and Website.

Adam Coultish, OwnerCoultish & Co. Mortgage Corporation

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