Enrique Freyre

Enrique Freyre

Web Design and WordPress Integration for Peruvian industrial and automotive Equipment supplier and manufacturer.

Industry: Industrial & Automotive

Location: Lima, Peru

Services Provided: Website Design & Development, WordPress Integration, Internet Marketing, Bilingual Website in English and Spanish.

When it was time to update our website, we once again contacted Solocube.  They also did the original website a few years back.

Solocube worked with us to re-design a website that would meet our needs. Our website shows not only the products that we normally supply, but also much of what we have done in terms of innovation and production of custom made units to meet our customers’ requirements and specifications. Much of what you see has actually been produced or assembled in our workshop. Solocube helped us pick the best pictures to showcase.

We have had many inquiries from various sources. Some are companies operating abroad, and they write or e-mail us offering their line of products, which we then evaluate as potential suppliers.

Other visitors to our website are companies that are operating in Peru, mostly in the mining and construction areas. They usually have an upcoming project in the country and need quotations or technical assistance. This often leads to a mutually beneficial commercial relationship.

Our website is also visited by individual owners, many outside of Lima. They typically own one or more trucks which they need to equip to handle fuel oil delivery to the end user. In time, many have grown to form medium sized companies – you can tell because the size and quantity of equipment they purchase from us tend to increase (for example, they switch from 12 volts to larger power take off units).

Finally, there are a number of customers who are already familiar with us, but they also log on to our website. Since the launch of the new design, the traffic on the website has increased. Our customers refer to the pictures and have told us how much they like the new design, and this helps us consolidate our position in the local market.

Working with Ivan from Solocube Creative is always a pleasure. He is knowledgeable, patient, always available and professional. I highly recommend working with Ivan and Solocube!

Gabriela Freyre-Calish – Administrative Manager
Enrique Freyre SAC-Lima Perú

  • Client Enrique Freyre S.A.C.
  • Date October 23, 2012
  • Tags Web Design
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