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As one of the most popular and powerful forms of marketing on the planet, Facebook advertising is something every business should consider using. Regardless of your platform or what industry you work within, Facebook is diverse enough to offer a solid marketing opportunity that allows you to connect and profit.

Attract The Right Customers With The Power of Facebook Ads

With our assistance and expertise, we can help you to formulate a sound Facebook strategy that looks to capitalize on your most notable attributes. This helps to engage with the correct kind of demographics.
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Facebook Strategy Creation

Getting the right approach on Facebook is tough work; it usually involves a massive change in tactics from typical marketing campaigns. However, we can help drill down into your target demographics and find the people who most fit with your business ideas and model. With our strategic assistance, you can soon find it much easier to create a strategy that is going to shine your business in the right light, targeting people who are interested.

Facebook Marketing on mobile
Reach Customers on Mobile

Today, relying on advertising to get people at the PC is almost a bygone era. Now, you want to be using Facebook ads to target them everywhere they go. With the rise of smartphones and mobile apps, you can use powerful Facebook marketing campaigns to get people whether they are sitting at the PC, on the subway to work, or browsing social media, chatting with friends, looking for interesting ways to spend their hard-earned money!

Facebook Marketing Strategies
Facebook Ads A/B Testing

Not every advertisement is going to be perfect – that’s a fact. However, with our A/B testing, you get to see what more than one option looks like and performs like. If you have an idea for a good Facebook marketing campaign, we can try out various iterations of it at once to see what performs better. Then, you avoid having to waste your time and resources on try-and-buy marketing schemes that make it hard for people to differentiate.


We come equipped with management expertise to create fulfilling campaigns that target the right kind of people.

We’ll research and understand the people who best fits the message that you want to send out, before creating engaging content that catches their eye through professionally managed Facebook ads. If you want to make a telling difference to your clients, then our Facebook management service can make sure that your budget is securing the level of success that you had hoped it would, with tweaks helping optimize performance.

Not every business has a specific targeted audience – there is sometimes a very specific, personalized feel to the people that you target. If you want to make the most of your business, then custom audiences need to be looked into – to make sure that you can make the right appeal for your business.

There is no sense wasting key advertising budgets on chasing a wide audience that has no correlation to what you offer. At Solocube, we make it easy to track down and work with a more customized audience who will be interested in what you have to offer.



A really powerful aspect of Facebook is that it allows for easy and effective retargeting through ads. This means that, through the smart use of the Facebook pixel, you can re-appear again and again on your target audience newsfeed after they visited your website or landing page. While this is non-invasive and feels passive to go through with, retargeting helps conversions and reminds people about your product, service or offering even subconsciously.

Now, you don’t have to be forgotten about – the content that you wish to promote can be done so with those who are most interested being given gentle nudges to come back and purchase later.

Lookalike audiences are powerful ways for you to be able to reach new people who may be interested in your service as they have similar attributes to other customers you have had success with in the past. If you find someone who is your ideal customer, we can help to drive through the Facebook algorithms to create an audience who matches this person in terms of the attributes that you find on their Facebook page.

This is extremely powerful, helping to capture individuals who liked your page through to people who visited your website and are also on Facebook, too!


What can Facebook Advertising Do for You?

Drive in-store sales.

People enjoy social media engagement and it can make a massive difference to your overall reputation as a business.

Increase online sales.

Get more people aware and excited by your online store, making it easier to increase your sales revenue in general.

Launch new products.

You can find an effective way to launch new products and put them in front of thousands, using Facebook to skyrocket interest.

Generate leads.

Find new people who may never have otherwise come across your website, empowering them to check you out and see what you have to offer.

Promote mobile applications.

Give new mobile apps an easy plug with quick, ready-to-download access. Broaden the number of people downloading and using your app easily.

Promote video content.

Want to go viral? Then turn to our Facebook ads service, helping to make sure your content is shared to those who care.

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