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An effective social strategy that can help you grow your business
Managing and optimizing a business for success on social media can be one of the biggest challenges that can be taken on. With our help, however, you can get assistance from a professional group of social media marketing masterminds, who understands its machinations and its success.

Take Control of your Online Image with Social Media

Marketing content through social media is usually a challenge many businesses struggle with, but our positive approach and innovative ideas can help change this, giving your brand access to massively powerful marketing potential.
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Engage Many with a Single Voice

Social media is currently one of the most powerful systems in the world for gaining and maintaining a following of users, fans and buyers. We’ll help you funnel impressive media content from your website to your social media channels, and also help you reach targets by engaging with specific social media content calendars. This means you’ll always be releasing fresh content that readers will love, enabling you to enhance your following organically over the long-term.

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Utilize Our Social Media Expertise

Social media mastery takes time and commitment, and also needs a specific tone and nuance. With the help of our assistants, we’ll create tailor-made social media marketing content that fits the demographics you want to cater to, creating media that they will appreciate, enjoy and share. This makes it easier for your business to make a breakthrough, as we handle the technical side of gaining a reputation through a strong and effective media platform.

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Create – and Curate – to Success

Like anything else, social media success is dictated by the quality of what is produced and provided. With our assistance, we’ll curate and create new content for each of your social media profiles to help ensure that your brand is singing from the same hymn sheet on multiple platforms. Now you can make sure that your business is hitting those agreed upon targets whilst strengthening your position by always engaging and interacting, building a brand.


Facebook is arguably one of the most iconic creations of recent time, and has been a landmark moment for the social media rise. For many it was one of the first of the most successful social media sites to be used, and has since captured and maintained an incredibly large following and clientbase.

By creating content that is easily shared and commented upon by users on Facebook, you’ll find success. As well as this, we’ll expertly manage how it is viewed and shared by your users, it becomes easy to manipulate Facebook traffic and build a long-term platform through it.

Twitter has long been a place for easy and snappy content which is easily shared – from a witty ‘meme’ to a useful link to an informative long-read article, Twitter is an easy place to gain traction. We understand how to find the right people on Twitter and how to make sure that your profile is being discovered, enjoyed and followed for the long-term by your users.

We use social media via Twitters quick, instant style to build links to your content, help it drive authority and watch Twitters natural propensity for sharing content bring you a new level of visitors.



Pinterest is a social media platform that inspires people with imagery – it’s also ripe for lead generation. With our team behind you, your business can be creating smart and interesting Pinterest media which will be engaging and interesting to your demographic. Again, we bend it to fit with the parlance they use and this makes it sound far more comfortable within the realms of what your customers and clients may be looking for.

This helps you stand out from the crowd who offer generic representations of the same old ideas, helping you strike ahead and really hit social media gold.

When it comes to media which is worth watching, YouTube is the place to be. YouTube stands as the most powerful place on the web for media to be interacted with, and we utilize the power and strength of YouTube marketing for various reasons. Not only does its natural gravity and power as a website bring you authority, it brings you hits due to optimizing social media – and YouTube videos specifically – to send people to your landing pages.

Alongside this, we can create flashy animations and explainer videos to detail your plans and promote content to anyone who follows your profile.


A few of our happy clients

A sound content strategy is crucial to establishing credibility in the eyes of your target audience on social.
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Facebook Profile Managed for Fun in The Sun Weddings
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Facebook Profile Managed for Source Floor & Specialties
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Facebook Profile Managed for Enrique Freyre S.A.C

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By Ivan Dancourt, Marketing Director

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The new Website certainly creates a focal point to discuss and improve upon professional standards.
Moe L, Executive DirectorMortgage Brokers Association of BC
Our criteria for partnering with a local marketing company was very specific, and choosing to work with Solocube was an easy decision after we learned how similar our expectations of a quality service are.
Adam C., OwnerCoultish & Co. Mortgage Corporation
Mr. Dancourt and his team at Solocube have continued with us on our branding journey throughout the years, and have proven to be a very reliable and creative partner through any process. We look forward to what 2015 and beyond has in store.
Kat B., Marketing CoordinatorUnited World Transportation

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