Jan 10
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The Amazing WordPress Multilingual Plugin That Will Help You Create a Website in Different Languages

Have you ever been to a website that asks you what language you would like to view the site in? Alternatively, has a dropdown down menu or menu allowing you to access the site in multiple languages? As local and nationwide business owners set out to target their ESL audience base, or take their business global—the need for translated text is a must. Instead of starting from scratch or building an individual website for each language or country, Solocube Creative streamlines the process by using an advanced WordPress multilingual plugin.

Saves You Time And Money

With the WPML plugin, there is no need to manage individual websites for each language or country you serve. Instead, you can operate one website with multiple languages, and even with varying pages, layouts, and products. You can even manage multiple URLs with this plugin, but with one website dashboard. This will save you the time and hassle of switching from one website to the next when you need to make changes and updates.

Ask About Using A Translation Plugin Before Website Design And Development Begins

While you want to save time and money there are some things that simply require an investment, and the WordPress multilingual plugin is certainly one of them. With a one-time flat rate fee of either $29 or $79 it is worth every penny. However, a proactive approach is the best approach—so be sure to ask your website developer if they utilize such a plugin when creating your new website. Solocube Creative is well-versed in the WPML plugin, and has used it for websites such as Enrique Freyre S.A.C. and United World Transportation.

Not All WordPress Multi Language Plugins Are The Same

There are many multi-language and translation plugins to choose from, some of which are free or cost less—WPML remains in a class of its own. Here are just a few reasons why it remains our plugin of choice:

  • You can choose from over 40 languages.
  • You can select from common language variances such as Canadian French, Mexican Spanish, or UK English.
  • Integrated with the most popular WP plugins.
  • Integrated with Woo Commerce Multilingual, seamlessly translating every stage of the checkout process.
  • The ability to translate the menu, titles, content, SEO metadata, and more.
  • You can arrange different language contents in the same domain (in language directories), in sub-domains or in completely different domains.
  • Support is available 6 days a week, 19 hours a day.
  • Full translation management is provided in-house, via your preferred translation team, or from cost-effective translation providers WPML has already partnered with.
  • And more!

Should You Translate Your Website?

Your website or blog may already have a steady stream of international or bilingual visitors, but offering your site in just one more language can instantly boost your traffic, page rank, conversions, and sales. It is also an innovative way of giving you a competitive advantage. Your goal doesn’t even have to be to go global. For example, 45 million Americans speak Spanish as their first or second language. By providing your website content in both English and Spanish you can better serve your Spanish speaking population. But by all means, your multilingual website stands to help you expand your business on an international level.

If you have been thinking about offering your current website in more than one language, or you would like to have an upcoming website built in more than one language—reach out to the team at Solocube Creative today to discuss a modern and optimized website that has WordPress multilingual plugin built in!

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