Feb 22
Centaur Products Website Design by Solocube - Centaur Products Inc Reenergizes Brand And Gears Up For International Expansion With Launch of New Website

Centaur Products Inc Reenergizes Brand And Gears Up For International Expansion With Launch of New Website

In the fast-paced and growing world of sports facilities and arenas, where products and services are constantly updated and revolutionized, the combination of cutting edge innovation, and quality rooted in trust and tradition, is essential.

Centaur Products Inc. has provided cutting edge sports facilities consulting and athletic equipment distribution for 32 years to stadiums and gyms across Canada. Now, rooted in the trust and quality of past successes, they’re ready to take their business to the next level. They are pursuing an ever growing and demanding international clientele to provide state-of-the-art sport facility equipment, and strategic consulting. To reach perspective clients worldwide, Centaur has created an effective and bold online presence.

In order to achieve their goals of reaching an international clientele with an effective website, Centaur contracted Solocube Solutions Inc. to develop “The new website has done wonders for Centaur by renewing our brand image and presenting our customers with an exciting interactive website,” said Chris Wayne, sales and marketing coordinator for Centaur. “Centaur’s new website is now setting the standard for our industry in terms of design and functionality.”

With the launch of the new website, Centaur is more capable than ever to meet the needs of an international market. The attractive and user-friendly website meets client needs with a visual overview of previous successes in sporting arenas, as well as detailed product information.

Additionally, the site offers a content management system for news and quotes, which allows Centaur to update time sensitive information. Online marketing will achieve top search engine results. The second phase of this project will include the development of the website in French and Spanish as well as ecommerce solutions. With a revamped online presence, increased visibility, international exposure and more business is the expected result.

“Centaur had all the right ingredients; quality product, excellent service, innovative ideas, they just needed to ramp it up to the next level,” said Ivan Dancourt, CEO of Solocube Solutions Inc. “Now, with an impressive online presence, Centaur has the ability to reach a wealth of new clients who need their expertise. And the potential client, using the visuals and product details on the website, can see for themselves the vision and talent Centaur brings to the table.”

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