Aug 16
Dominion Tours Website Design by Solocube Creative 970x563 - Dominion Tours Leads Spain, Mexico, And Latin America Into Western Canada For 2010

Dominion Tours Leads Spain, Mexico, And Latin America Into Western Canada For 2010

Dominion Tours is set to enjoy growth right into 2010 with the launch of their new website at As the largest Spanish inbound tour operator in Western Canada, Dominion Tours has introduced the beauty of the Rockies and West Coast to over 390,000 visitors from Mexico, Spain, and Latin America since 1985.

Solocube Solutions Inc., a Vancouver-based Internet & Creative Design and Development firm was awarded the contract for complete reconstruction of the Dominion Tours’ website because of its expertise in marketing to Latin American countries.

The contract involved total reconstruction of the site’s architecture including backend development, redesign of graphics to enhance branding of Western Canadian tourist destinations, addition of an online reservation system, and creation of a flash animated web commercial for presentation to travel agents across Latin America. Content is database-driven so staff can easily update and maintain the site, and the next phase of development includes full e-commerce capabilities.

Solocube Solutions Inc. CEO Ivan Dancourt says, “I am pleased to have collaborated with Dominion Tours to enhance their online branding. With the 2010 Olympics coming to Vancouver, there is going to be an increase in demand for destinations in Western Canada, and a strong online presence will help Dominion Tours maintain its market leader position. By creating web content that can be used strategically to excite and educate prospects about potential travel destinations online, it is possible to increase your bookings and reduce sales costs at the same time because prospects can make an informed purchasing decision faster without having to call anyone—in fact, many will book online.”

Rafael Carrasco, Director of Dominion Tours says “Solocube Solutions has done an excellent job of communicating the strength and scope of Dominion Tours to our clients. We have been around since 1985 and realize that to continue growing we have to be competitive online too—our tours are well-organized, fun, and educational, and we want our website to be a natural extension of that—the Dominion Tours experience– something that is different and unique. I am confident that the new site will attract even more visitors from Spain, Mexico, and Latin America to visit Western Canada because it is more eye-catching, informative and robust.”

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Solocube Solutions Inc. headed by local entrepreneur Ivan Dancourt, is an Internet creative design and development firm based in North Vancouver, Canada with an international client base. They plan, build and market digital business solutions for clients in North & South America. From creative design, to web application development, to consulting services, Solocube offers a fully integrated solution that helps companies increase their sales, improve efficiencies, and build customer loyalty. To learn more about this and other Solocube Solution projects, please visit Solocube's website at or contact Solocube at 604-836-7610.

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