Dec 09
google update securing website ssl boosts google rankingFB - Google Update: Securing Your Website With SSL Boosts Google Ranking

Google Update: Securing Your Website With SSL Boosts Google Ranking

Let's be honest – Google has done a lot to advance the World Wide Web. At times, the search engine acts more as a caretaker than a gatekeeper.

Google has stated that its mission is to find the “most relevant” match to keyword searches. Google has decided that Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) websites will receive a higher ranking. How can website owners use this ranking factor to their advantage?

Why Does Google Encourage SSL

For some, the World Wide Web remains an unstructured connection to some intangible cloud. Many Web surfers question the authenticity of certain websites. Google has advocated the addition of certain website features, like SSL, to assist in the development of more real, relevant, helpful websites.

SSL Websites use two keys to provide a better cryptographic system: 1) public and 2) private. The public key is well recognized by everyone on the Internet, including the browsers and search engines. The private key is only known by the recipient of the message.

Transfer of confidential financial information online, such as credit card numbers, is facilitated by SSL 2048-bit key connection. The “HTTPS” designation uses the last “S” to identify its “Secure” status. The SSL Certificate confirms that the website uses this feature.

How Can SSL Help Websites

There are many stories of unencrypted data being stolen by hackers. The SSL protocol establishes a wall of defense to protect Web surfers. Secure websites demonstrate a serious commitment by owners to provide a safe environment for visitors.

A trustworthy website gains prominence in the psyche of Web surfers. They know that they will not need to worry when online. Google believes that the entire online community benefits by a gradual migration from unsecured to secured websites.

How Much Of A Boost Can SSL Websites Get For Google

Google Webmaster Tools sees the SSL addition as a “very lightweight signal” with an impact on “fewer than 1% of global queries.” Still, when competing with other websites, this could help websites leapfrog unsecured websites to reach the first page of Google search results.

Google has stated that it is safe to transfer your website to the SSL security. Solocube Creative Professional Web Design can help with the transmigration from an unsecured to a secured website. Solocube helps owners create unique, intelligent and safe online user experiences. The most discerning Web surfers will look for little details like this to differentiate between similar websites.

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