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How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business [VIDEO]

Simply put, content marketing is the use of valuable content to engage your audience and to enhance the experience with your brand or company.

So basically, we are using content to provide value to your readers, and your target audience. Content marketing is not a marketing or advertising campaign. Meaning, it doesn’t have an end date. It is a marathon rather than a sprint. And we must treat it as a long-term investment of time to put the content together and to publish it for your readers and your audience.

It’s about content curation that you are going to create and you’re going to share with your audience. You are going to put this content into content calendars where you’re going to schedule this content, and you’re going to publish it whenever the times you have set out to put out that content.

content marketing is the use of valuable content to engage your audience and to enhance the experience with your brand or company – Ivan Dancourt

What I see is I see businesses giving up on content marketing too soon. They start publishing content and they give up, or they just don’t follow through. And they are giving up without really looking at the statistics of what that content is getting, what traffic it’s getting.

It’s a good idea to look at your Google Analytics and see what pieces of content are getting the most traffic. And based on that information, you can create more content and pull threads from that content and make it into something else along those lines, because you already know that it’s getting traffic.

Remember that every piece of content that you publish from your site, it’s a doorway. You’re creating pages, you’re creating seeds out there to your website, to your business. So, the more content you publish, the better the content that you publish, the more people are going to find you in whatever it is that you’re offering. If you’re a product oriented company or if you’re a service oriented company.

For example, if you want to grow your business online, content marketing is a smart investment. But, you must treat it as a long-term strategy of putting out content all of the time.

Now, connecting with people on the internet, you can do it in many ways. You can do it with video, you can do it with blogs, you can do it with pictures. And that is why there is many different types of social media platforms, and all of them work differently. Facebook is a more interactive experience. And now more that they are integrating video. And Instagram is more of a picture based social media platform. So, depending on what your industry is and what your angle is, then you will select the social media platforms to push you content through.

Here are a few tips.

When you are creating content, try to integrate storytelling into your content. People love stories and it humanizes your message through the internet. Content should be constant. Like I said, stick to a schedule, stick to a calendar. Make a list of all the things that you’re going to be talking about so you can publish them according.

Engage with your audience. Once you publish your content and you push it through social media, and people start interacting, respond to them, talk to them, understand what they are saying about your content. If it’s good or bad- if you get a bad comment, don’t erase it. Own it and talk to them. And blog frequently and often. No matter the length of the post, or media that you’re putting out, as long as it has value, it doesn’t matter how long it is. You can go long post or you can go short post. Short videos or long videos. As long as you have value.

Besides creating your content, you can curate content from other places, other websites that you feel have good content for that specific market. So, curate content. Put that in your queue and share it with your audience.

And finally, repurpose your content. Meaning, if you have a blog that has a lot of articles in it that you’re posted in the past, go back to it. Go look through your Analytics and see which posts have the most traffic. And then, repurpose that content. You make an infographic about it. Make a tweetable sentence about it. Create graphics for it. You can repurpose and bring back to life that content and make use of it, since you already have it there.

Here are some actionable items that will help you in finding what type of content you will want to create for your own business.

First of all, if you go to Google right now, and you type, ‘Google Keyword Tool’, you will find a website where you can find the keywords that are getting traffic for whatever it is that you are selling or offering in your website.
Screen Shot 2016 03 18 at 2.56.15 PM 1024x570 - How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2016 03 18 at 2.58.18 PM 1024x620 - How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business [VIDEO]So, let’s say that you are a carpet cleaner and you want to find content to write about. Basically, you would type in ‘carpet cleaning’ as a broad keyword phrase. And then, it will give you a list of keywords that have to do with carpet cleaning. And, it will give you an amount of traffic that each keyword is getting.

Screen Shot 2016 03 18 at 3.00.07 PM 1024x549 - How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business [VIDEO]
It could be ‘when should I clean my carpets’, ‘what time of year is best’. Things like that. A keyword like that might have a number of traffic, of people searching per month. So, you know that keyword is getting searched on, so you might want to write an article about that. And so on. So, make a list of the top 10, top 20, keywords that you find that are getting traffic, and write about those keywords. The keywords that you write about, that have a long sentence, a long word count, these are what are called longtail keywords. These keywords might not be getting millions of hits, but somebody’s searching for them. And these are very, very important to target because they will get traffic if you see them in the Google Keyword Tool as trafficable keywords.

Screen Shot 2016 03 18 at 3.03.33 PM 1024x559 - How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business [VIDEO]

So basically, once you make that list, you get to writing. You’re either going to write it yourself or you’re going to hire a writer to write these articles for you. They can be 300-500 word articles. Make sure you revise them and they are what you want your business to say. And then, you would create a content calendar in which you would put all of the list of articles that you’re going to be posting for the next 3-4 months. Rinse and repeat. Do the same so you can always have a funnel of content that is going to be posted to your website. That’s basically it. I think that’s very important today, keeping websites with content. Because content is what drives the internet, and is what Google loves as well- good, valuable content.

Hope you like this video. Please feel free to fill out the form beneath the video, where if you need help with your content marketing, we’ll be happy to help you. Thanks for watching. Have a good day.

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