Oct 06
Pineview Responsive Web Design Solocube 031 1000x563 - Pineview Management Goes to the Next Level with a Brand New Website

Pineview Management Goes to the Next Level with a Brand New Website

Solocube Creative is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Pineview Management, a full-service professional vegetation management company based in Fort St. John, British Columbia.

The new Pineview Management website was designed and custom-built from the ground up by Solocube Creative. According to Ivan Dancourt, creative director of Solocube Creative, he and his team worked closely with Pineview Management owner Jim Friesen. At the beginning of the project Pineview had a website that needed a professional redesign and online branding. The team at Solocube Creative delivered, and much more.

Pineview Responsive Web Design Solocube 02 - Pineview Management Goes to the Next Level with a Brand New Website

Aside from redesigning the Pineview Management website to make it visually more pleasing, faster loading, and easier to navigate, they have reconfigured it to make it mobile-responsive. Now, the website can dynamically adjust to the various screen sizes and screen resolutions of full-size PC and laptop monitors as well as tablet computers and smartphones automatically. In addition, Solocube Creative provided WordPress integration into the site and offered search-engine optimized web content writing services.

Pineview Responsive Web Design Solocube 03 - Pineview Management Goes to the Next Level with a Brand New Website

Mr. Dancourt said: “Working on the Pineview Management website was a new challenge for us. We had never worked on a website for a business in this type of industry before, so we put our best effort forward in coming up with the best website design for Pineview, a Website that would standout within their industry and also adopting latest web design and technologies. We can honestly now say they have the best-looking site within their industry. I look forward to keep working with them soon.”

Pineview Management is a vegetation and environmental contractor that caters to companies in the oil and gas industry sector of the North Peace Region. Its clients include the likes of Encana, Baytex, Shell, Devon, Pengrowth, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., and Centrica Energy. Its core services include herbicide application, mowing and mulching, seeding, and erosion control. Regarding the new Pineview Management website, Mr. Friesen said: “Solocube took us from a one dimensional digital presence to a user friendly, multi-dimensional company that can reach ten times the viewers.”

Pineview Responsive Web Design Solocube 04 - Pineview Management Goes to the Next Level with a Brand New Website

About Pineview Management

Pineview Management is professional full-service vegetation management company that has been operating within the North Peace district since 1997. For 17 years, it has been providing one-stop solutions to the oil & gas industry sector. As a member of and a director on the BC Integrate Vegetation Management Association (aka BC Integrated Pest Management Association), it has been helping companies stay in compliance with all federal and local environmental laws, regulations, standards and guidelines. Its environmental restoration teams are properly trained and well-versed with the federal standards and guidelines set by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment as well as with all local environmental safety regulations in British Columbia.

About Solocube Creative

Solocube Creative is a web design and inbound marketing company founded in Vancouver, BC  in 2003. The company’s expertise in web design and marketing solutions has helped many companies from varied fields such as art, medicine, transportation, technology, construction, and now, revegetation, remediation and environmental restoration. With Creative Director and CEO Ivan Dancourt at the helm, Solocube Creative continues to find ways and means for client companies to remain relevant and in demand within their respective segments of the market.