Catalog Design for Enrique Freyre S.A.C
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  • Catalog design for Enrique Freyre

Catalog Design for Enrique Freyre S.A.C

The new catalog features 100 products showcased over 110 pages, allowing for a simple, professional, and clean design which better reflects the modern image of the company. The company now proudly distributes the catalog at all the trade shows they attend, including the famous Expomina trade show in Peru. The newly-designed catalog is generating a lot of demand from customers and prospects at these sorts of events, making it one of the company’s #1 source of sales and revenue.

Digital catalog distribution

However, the catalog isn’t limited to print copies – Solocube Creative also created a digital version which can be distributed digitally to prospect website visitors who are expressing interest in the company’s products. So far, the online demand for this glossy new digital catalog has seen the company amass an email list of over 5,000 people, all of whom wanted to download the catalog for their own reference and happily handed over their email address and more details to do so.

This digital distribution makes sense in the modern digital age, making it easier than ever for customers to see Enrique Freyre’s products on the go via their mobile devices. What’s more, the move is also great for the environment, helping to limit the amount of paper which is used and ultimately helping the company to reduce their carbon footprint while providing their customers with increased ease and convenience.

Catalog Design for Enrique Freyre S.A.C

Industry: Automotive and Industrial service, petroleum, mining, construction, airports, and refineries

Location: Lima, Peru



  • Client Enrique Freyre S.A.C
  • Date March 28, 2019
  • Tags Print Design

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