Web Design for Marion Scott Gallery
  • Web Design in Vancouver for Marion Scott Gallery
  • Web Design in Vancouver for Marion Scott Gallery
  • Web Design in Vancouver for Marion Scott Gallery

Web Design for Marion Scott Gallery

Marion Scott Gallery (known as MSG) is an Inuit art gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The unique and culturally important art gallery has been open since 1976, standing as an important beacon of native Inuit culture in Canada. However, their website was beginning to look a little flat and outdated, so they reached out to Solocube Creative in order to design and develop a brand new website.

As a long-time client, Solocube Creative has been working with the gallery since 2004, with Solocube Creative being active in web design & digital marketing since 2003. Every time we take on a new web development project, we want to ensure that we create a timeless and high-level website, allowing our clients to enjoy effective and sophisticated websites which reflect their brand image and values for many years to come. We want the site we create for our clients to grow with them as a company, and that is exactly what we tried to do with MSG.

Ivan Dancourt, Marketing Director of Solocube Creative, summed it up nicely: “We are extremely proud to be working with Robert and his team at Marion Scott Gallery since 2004. We have gone through many website updates and redesigns and this latest design of their site takes it to a whole new level. I really wanted to put emphasis on the artwork they represent online and create a clean and minimalistic website that also works efficiently for their audience.”

Responsive and modern web design

For MSG’s website redesign, Solocube Creative provided custom responsive web design, meaning that the website would look stunning across a range of devices, no matter whether it was being viewed on a smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet. We also provided custom WordPress web development services, in addition to premium custom and original website design. One of the most important new pages is the exhibitions page, where you can view current, past, and future exhibitions which are taking place at the gallery.

On top of all this development, the Solocube team even filmed video tutorials for the MSG staff, showing them how to manage and update their website on a day-to-day basis. You see, the team here at Solocube understands that a website needs to attract leads and clients, as a website designed without lead generation in mind is essentially a dead website. MSG found that their old-fashioned website was bouncing visitors at an alarming rate, so they reached out to Solocube in order to revolutionize and modernize their site.

Robert Kardosh, from the Marion Scott Gallery, says: “We've been working with Solocube now for over 10 years and we've come to rely on this excellent company's up-to-date knowledge of online marketing techniques to promote our business to an international audience. They don't just design excellent websites; they also work hard to understand the unique markets their clients are aiming to develop.”

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  • Date January 10, 2019
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