Dali Wireless

Dali Wireless

Solocube Creative delivers on “visualize, captivate, and execute” motto with a fully responsive website combining hand-drawn icons, graphics, banners, parallax-responsive website, and new programming.

Solocube announced today the launch of the simpler yet sleeker Dali Wireless website (www.daliwireless.com) as part of its brand overhaul for the global provider of an all-digital RF Router™ platform firm.

Completely redesigned and programmed, the new Dali Wireless website integrates the latest techniques in web design using parallax pages (www.daliwireless.com/industries/) to create a smoother and more interesting scrolling experience and, at the same time, a more commanding website presence.

Redesigned into a neat package, the new Dali Wireless website is now presented in clean, minimalist concepts using a subdued color scheme, consistent branding and columns that make reading information easier on the eyes.  Solocube further customizes the site with hand-drawn icons that provide visual explanation of Dali Wireless technology and products.

Industry: Wireless Technologies

Location: Vancouver, BC

Services Provided: Responsive Web Design & Development, Custom WordPress Web Design, Identity Manual Design, Marketing Material Design


  • Client Dali Wireless
  • Date January 28, 2015
  • Tags Web Design
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