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Regardless of the size or style of any business today, the most important part is always the local area. Local search engine optimization, then, shall always be one of the most important factors for online success. At Solocube, we specialize in creating effective local SEO that is natural, organic and long-term.

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An Organic Approach to Local SEO

Without the help of local sales and leads, a business can never grow beyond its local area. We help businesses secure their local market with a cohesive SEO strategy which is built for consistency.
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Local SEO Done the Right Way

Any good business makes the most of the local market because they want to generate profits long-term, as well as local loyalty. With the help of our team, businesses can gain access to the insights and workings of an experienced SEO firm who has been a success from the days of keywords being the most important factor to today’s more content-friendly, organic approach. It’s this approach that helps business thrive, with our experience aiding decisions.

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Dominate Local Search Engine Rankings

Local SEO plays such a critical role in a business rising to prominence – it’s a must for businesses with dreams of beginning as much as expansion. Just 3% of consumers today don’t look up a search for local businesses on the web, meaning that being at the top of the pile for search engine rankings locally is a critical service. We can help you find the route to doing this successfully, capturing clients through optimisation of your website behind the scenes and through logical change.

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Separate your Business from the competition

Many businesses tend to go on without the help of local SEO, hoping to hit it big away from home first. Well, with local SEO you can be found easily when people search for you locally, giving you the chance to establish your business. This lends itself well to expansion in the future, meaning that having access to your local area is a major thing. This lets you drive the local populace to your business for many more years to come, growing in size anyway!


The success of any SEO campaign today comes from having a consistent voice being made from local citations. At Solocube, we provide a critical full citation audit that allows us to fix major problems with any local citations, fixing 70-90% of all citations to have them all sounding similar. This is very important, ensuring that you get a fine level of consistency across the board and that your citations all match up accordingly.

This plays a big role in any other local SEO carried out, as it helps to ensure that all data and information is relevant and universally correct.

Local directory citations are much the same, and have to be similar without being a direct copycat of one another. We’ll help to edit and change each citation to sound consistent with one another, all offering the same voice and reasoning, without being identical and potentially causing clashes with search engine parameters.

Local directories are a major player in local SEO, helping you bring in calls and e-mails from interested parties. Therefore, they have to be consistent and agreeable with one another. This is a major improvement for many businesses and can be one of the small yet critical things limiting success.



A Google My Business (GMB) Audit is a very useful local SEO protocol to have carried out. Google My Business means that your information and details such as ZIP, State, Address, Contact details and website URL are all in line with one another.

We’ll carry out audits on your GMB status to ensure that you are logged and, if not, we’ll create an SEO friendly profile that makes sure you get the best chance for local SEO optimization as well as discovery.

Visibility is a major part of local SEO and we’ll help you be spotted in as many locations as possible.

Google Maps optimization will make it easy for clients to spot where you are as well as get plenty of details from the Google Maps log. This can really help your business get spotted and improve its general visibility. Also, being listed on Google Maps offers a level of credibility that may otherwise have been missing.

Best of all, this helps you further with search engine ranking placements. Google appreciates your business being carried in this manner, and will help you get more traffic and hits from local searches for years to come, boosting your conversions.



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So now you can see that local SEO can help you get at the head of the business queue, what are you waiting for? With 83% of people checking out local businesses online before visiting, local SEO can help you become the visible and friendly approach that your clients want and need. For more information on how our local SEO expertise can ensure that your business appears as credible and professional, contact us today.

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