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What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool for YouTube Videos In 2018?

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot simply create a “good video” on YouTube and expect it to go viral. Although we often hear stories of excellent videos “going viral”, this is often down to pure chance and luck rather than anything else. There’s a huge number of excellent videos on YouTube sitting around with a low number of views – not everything can go viral in a flash as you might believe.

what is the best keyword research tool for youtube videos in 2018 - What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool for YouTube Videos In 2018?One of the best ways to get views on YouTube is to use good keywords which relate to your video whilst also tapping into the YouTube zeitgeist and assessing what keywords people are searching for in similar fields. It’s a bit like SEO and Google, you’re just applying similar ideas to YouTube searches instead of Google searches. But alas, how does one find the right YouTube video keywords? With a YouTube video keyword research tool! However, which is the best YouTube video keyword research tool? Here we give you our recommendations.

Introducing Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a brilliant YouTube video keyword researching tool, combining long-tail keywords with YouTube autocomplete search data in order to bring you keywords which will drive traffic to your video at an exponential rate. Using up-to-date Youtube search data, Keyword Tool provides you with multiples suggestions for keywords which will benefit your video, allowing you to choose a selection of keywords which will increase your view numbers without misleading your audience in the process.

Keyword Tool can provide you with over 750 long-tail keywords for your video, collecting the suggestions from the site’s autocomplete function. If you’re trying to make your video more relevant to a certain country and/or language, depending on its content and your area, you are able to specify these parameters beforehand. This provides you with tailored keywords according to not only your subject matter, but your country and language, making Keyword Tool one of the best YouTube video keyword research tools available on the market.

Helping you to get more YouTube views

As with Google, no one really knows how YouTube’s search algorithms work, although we continually try to guess and see what works out the best. YouTube recommends videos to users based on a range of factors and circumstances, all of which are overseen by automated processes. Although there’s no way to understand the secret formula, using YouTube video keyword research tools such as Keyword Tool can help you to increase your chances of acquiring views.

Although there are many YouTube video keyword tools available out there, we have found Keyword Tool to be one of the most reputable and reliable tools available for increasing your YouTube presence, views, and subscribers. Ultimately, however, you must ensure that your YouTube video is well-made if you want to retain viewers and make a significant difference!

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