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Which is The Best Easy to Use Video Maker for High-Converting Facebook Video Ads?

According to research conducted by the IT and digital masterminds at, by 2019 videos will account for 80% of all global internet traffic. Videos are simply more convenient to view than reading text related to the same topic, and they visualize the message you intend to send. When it comes to your Facebook video ads, ads with videos generate 159% more engagement—and over 1200% more shares. With that being said, you may be wondering which software is the best easy to use video maker. Our preference is VidElligence.

Why VidElligence?

VidElligence is the first DIY video tool inspired by artificial intelligence. It is designed to automate video creation by doing nothing more than entering your desired website or product URL. Your URL-generated video will include text and images, and can be as you wish. For example, if you want to create a product video—copy and paste the URL of your eBay or Amazon product and this advanced software will do the rest. In just 2 or 3 clicks, you can have a high-quality product video. It really is that easy!

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You Can Create Custom Videos Too

A true easy to use video maker, VidElligence has an impressive collection of ready to use video templates that make creating custom videos a breeze. This eliminates the stress of deciding how many photos to use, or even how to map out your product or service video. Add music and custom text to really send your message home. It only takes a few minutes.

Place Your New Video In Multiple Places On The Web

Unlike text that is penalized for duplicate content if posted in more than one online location, the videos you make with the VidElligence software can be posted in multiple places on the web. Create marketing and sales videos for everything from your e-commerce store, digital product line, professional services, and upcoming live events. Add them to your website sales pages, your Amazon or eBay product sections, emails, post to YouTube Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, use in your sponsored ads and articles, and more.

Measurable Results

Another great thing about videos is that their success is easy to measure. You can see how many times each video has been viewed, shared, and commented on—as well as how much your website traffic and/or conversions has increase after adding a video to a product description or Facebook ad. This is essential for calculating your ROI, and imperative for deciding which videos are the most effective. With an easy and automated process that empowers you to create powerful sales and marketing videos from your desktop or mobile device, you can quickly generate videos for each of your demographics.

Although VidElligence is an easy to use video maker, you and your team may not have the time to create a video marketing plan with the supportive online and mobile videos you require. Not to worry, as the team at Solocube is here to assist. Reach out today to discuss your custom video marketing strategy.

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