Aug 02
Web Design For Yes Vancity

YES Vancity Makes Canada-shift Easier for Foreign ESL Students with Brand New Website

YES Vancity is making a transition to Canada easier for foreign ESL students through its brand new responsive user-friendly website designed by leading BC digital marketing & web development –designing company Solocube Creative.

Vancouver receives a good lot of foreign ESL students each year who are looking forward to further academic opportunities and career growth in Canada. These students from overseas are usually in need of a credible support in the new land and YES Vancity is driven to make their transition to Canada even easier and comfortable through its brand new website The company wished to ensure easily accessible information about shifting to Canada for foreign students which they can conveniently browse from their native home and to guarantee it Yes Vancity has resorted to the web development & design expertise of Solocube Creative.

Yes Vancity Website Design 01 1024x666 - YES Vancity Makes Canada-shift Easier for Foreign ESL Students with Brand New Website

The leading Vancouver based web designing & digital marketing company has helped YES Vancity with a smooth responsive site that is easily accessible through smartphones and tablets.

“My website is the primary representative of my business to all my prospective clients out there and I am delighted to have Solocube as my website strategists & creators. They have helped with a brilliant job which will further enable me to garner the heightened presence that I need to thrive successfully in this fiercely competitive virtual marketing scene. I am especially pleased with their personalized care and that they took their time out to guide me with expert suggestions in boosting my clientele. It was extremely helpful & added much value to my business. Thank you very much Solocube & I would be continuously in touch with you to keep my website updated & trending”, stated Julieta Morfin, Founder & Owner of YES Vancity.

YES Vancity helps foreign students in almost every facet of making a successful shift to Canada- including assistance in housing, academic program selection, tours and activities in the new country, airport pickup as well as visa procedures. The company is focused on personalized care & professional support for each student-client.

Yes Vancity Website Design 03 1024x666 - YES Vancity Makes Canada-shift Easier for Foreign ESL Students with Brand New Website

Solocube has helped YES Vancity with the complete website design & development of The website is built on user-friendly WordPress platform that assures convenient navigation across each section of the site. Moreover, YES Vancity has also received expert consulting from Solocube regarding the digital marketing & branding of the website. Solocube helps its clients with Branding, Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Local SEO, PPC, content marketing, blog writing and inbound marketing strategy.

The leading web design company is soon to work on the second phase of the YES Vancity website which will be a Spanish language portal for the site.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Julieta from YES Vancity”, stated Ivan Dancourt, the marketing director of Solocube.

“Vancouver receives a good lot of ESL students from abroad who fly to Canada to study English & Julieta & her team are doing a great job in making the transition to Canada easier for them. We had this goal to help them with a functional website that would be eye-catching as well as informational for these students and their parents.”

Yes Vancity Website Design 04 1024x666 - YES Vancity Makes Canada-shift Easier for Foreign ESL Students with Brand New Website

About Yes Vancity

Studying abroad is considered to be most beneficial to students specially to their personal growth, intercultural development and to their overall education as well as to their career attainment in the future.

At YES Vancity we help you make the best choice to make the most of your experience studying abroad, whether it is learning a new language, practicing English while traveling or studying a Diploma, Bachelors Degree or Masters. Tell us your plans and goals! It will make us happy helping you attain them!

About Solocube Creative

Solocube Creative is a web design and inbound marketing company founded in Vancouver, BC  in 2003. The company’s expertise in web design and marketing solutions has helped many companies from varied fields such as art, medicine, transportation, technology, construction, and now, revegetation, remediation and environmental restoration. With Creative Director and CEO Ivan Dancourt at the helm, Solocube Creative continues to find ways and means for client companies to remain relevant and in demand within their respective segments of the market.

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