Dec 12
The Best White Hat Link Building Strategies for New Websites That Work

The Best White Hat Link Building Strategies for New Websites That Work

As you’re probably aware, white hat link building strategies for new websites are an essential part of your marketing tools which need to be harnessed in addition to cutting-edge SEO and responsive UI components. Link building strategies for new websites help your site to gain traction and presence on the web, with Google recognizing your site’s interconnected nature with other existing websites on the internet, thus raising your own profile and credibility.

Although some of the techniques listed here are tried and true, we have also included some more modern link building strategies for new websites too!


Content Links

By creating content which can be placed on other websites, you naturally increase the presence of your own website. For example, you may send out a blog or press release which is posted on third-party websites, containing backlinks which direct the user to your own website. If your content is engaging and SEO-optimized too, you should be racking up the traffic in no time.

Resource Pages

Ever wondered why websites have a page of “resources” where they send you away to other websites? It’s often because websites and companies working in similar communities and fields want to backlink to each other and increase their online presence. However, you should make sure that these resources links are actually relevant and useful to the user, otherwise, you may be penalized for link-stuffing.

Fresh Mentions

It’s not uncommon for your website/company to be mentioned by another company online, only for them to not link to your page. If you find a significant website which mentions your company or URL but does not actually link to your page, get in contact with them and ask them if they can include a link to your page where they mentioned you. If the client is a fairly popular one, this is one of the most effective link-building strategies for new websites.

Student Discounts

The “.edu” links associated with prestigious educational institutions are like gold in the link-building world – if your page is linked to a .edu site, you’re seen as a more credible and reliable website. As a result, if your company is willing to offer scholarships or student discounts on a regular basis, you will more than likely be able to secure links on .edu websites.

More Prestigious Discounts

Many companies offer discounts to military veterans, senior citizens, community service workers, and much more. If you are willing to offer these kinds of discounts at your company, you should be able to reach out to official government websites and organizations with domains such as .gov, .mil. or .org. As you may have guessed, these links are also very credible and valuable to a budding website.

We’ve just scraped the surface here today, but there are dozens of link building strategies for new websites out there. Feel free to give some of these strategies a try and see how they affect your KPIs in the near future – you won’t regret it!