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Should I Register ca or com Domain Name1 - .ca or .com: Which Domain Should I Register?

.ca or .com: Which Domain Should I Register?

A Website is perhaps the most public part of a business. Whether you are a singer, an artist, a brand or a new business owner looking to make it big, a website is a must have tool in today’s world to ensure you get the popularity you deserve.

When you are looking to choose a domain name, however, there’s a wide range of options available. There are a plenty of domain options to pick from, some of them being .com, .edu, .net and .ca.

The Question

When choosing between .ca and .com, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is what’s the difference? Well, .ca is a domain specific to Canada. And .com is applicable all over the world. Let us discuss the pros and cons of both…

ca or com domain name - .ca or .com: Which Domain Should I Register?

Why .ca?

If your business is localized only in Canada, you may go for a .ca domain extension. It has been found through studies that Canadians use .ca while searching as much as they use .com. If your target audience is majorly Canadian, .ca domain should be enough for you.

Why .com?

However, if your business is running at an international level, .com is the definite choice as it is the most commonly used domain extension worldwide and it will be unparalleled in providing the best hits in search engines.

Localized domain extensions are rarely given preference by international customers. Besides, .com always sounds globalized, so it will help in establishing your company as a more international entity.

The Solution

Given the present scenario worldwide, the best possible approach will be to acquire both. Let’s say you started off with only the .com domain extension. A few years later, your business took off to unimaginable heights. Another impostor creates a website with the same name as yours, but with the domain extension name .ca. He uses your popularity to stabilize his business.

To avoid such uncomfortable situations, it is best advised you acquire both domain extension names, and even a few extra, like .org, and .net as well. You can set up all other domain extensions to redirect to the .com domain extension.

So no matter which one the potential client uses to search, all addresses with the same name and different domain extension will be redirected to the .com domain extension. This greatly reduces the risk of identity theft and the subsequent hassles.

Domain extension names are quite cheap and it will not hurt to take this extra stride if you consider the money you will save not going after other people using your domain name.

So? Are you ready? Register your .ca or .com domain right now.

We recently found of a domain registrar company called hover and from recently having registered a few domains we are very pleased with their transparent, straightforward and valuable service. For only $15 a year you get:

  • Unlimited Domain Forwarding
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Hosting Option

Another option for both hosting & registering your domain is Hostmonster, we've been hosting our sites with them for years and found them to be very reliable and their customer support is unreal. Check them out here.

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