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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Website Redesign1 - Top 10 Reasons You Need a Website Redesign

Top 10 Reasons You Need a Website Redesign

In the ever developing technology world, it is important to adapt to the changing environments so that your business is not left out in the rat race. Having an online presence with a detailed website is the key to success in the modern world of business. The online identity of your organization determines how well you attract new customers as well as how you manage your existing clientele. In order to make a good impression and improve the efficiency of your service, a website redesign might just be what you need.


1. For new leads and business

Your website is a great tool to attract customers. If you see a lot of hits but the traffic does not translate into business, you need to redesign the site so that your web presence is consistent with your marketing message.


2. Addition in products and Services 

It is imperative that as your business expands, your website accommodates all your offerings in detail. Old and outdated products do not reflect well on your business. If your site is not capable of accommodating new products, a redesign is a must.


3. Mobile Friendly Website

Since the number of people who access the Internet using their smart phones is on an increase, it is imperative to have a mobile presence to ensure you don’t miss out on potential clients. Old websites built on flash are not very compatible to mobiles. What you require is a responsive web  design that can render well on all screen sizes.


4. Enabling Search Engine Optimization

With the release of the new (Google) Penguin update, redesigning your site to suit current SEO requirements is a prerequisite. It is imperative that your website incorporates changes in Meta data, page titles, headers and image features to attract the search engine bots more frequently.


5. Scalability

If your website structure does not allow you to add more detailed pages to reflect the expansive growth of your business, you need a redesign.


6. Intuitive and User Friendly Navigation

Slow websites with complicated navigation lead to high bounce rates as visitors are left frustrated. Redesign is the need of the hour to avoid such adverse situation on your website.


7. Many Browsers, One company image

You need a redesign if your website is not successful at cross compatibility browser testing, which can lead to visitors seeing different content in different browsers. This will significantly affect the credibility and portray an inconsistent image of your organization.


8. Adoption to Enhancements

Old outdated websites without adoption to new web technologies can lead to a poor brand image. So redesign is mandatory.


9. Call to Action: Get viewers to respond

Whether you offer a service or sell a product, you can succeed only if your website contains CALL-TO-ACTION statements that make visitors act in your favor. These are necessary to convert and build your business online.


10. Differentiate to Compete

If your website looks very similar in look, feel and content to your competitors, you lose your distinction. A website redesign is needed to ensure that your online presence has something unique to offer.

In essence, a website redesign is required so that you can encourage your visitors and generate interest towards your products/services.

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