Mar 21
Consulado del Peru Website Design by Solocube Creative 970x563 - Consulate Of Peru Goes Online With New Website, Building Strong Links With Its Citizens

Consulate Of Peru Goes Online With New Website, Building Strong Links With Its Citizens

Solocube Solutions Inc. has opened a new door for cross-continent communication with the launch of the website for the Consulate General of Peru in Vancouver at Peruvian citizens living in Canada now have access to a wealth of valuable information for making a cultural transition. Within a few clicks, the well-designed, search-based site offers detailed advice on Peruvian passports, visas and legal services to its citizens and Canadians abroad wishing to visit Peru. The website also features a yellow pages section with lists of Peruvian-owned businesses and organizations within the Consulate’s wide-reaching jurisdiction. Throughout over 80 sections, the site is framed in stunning photographs of Peru’s diverse landscape illustrating and promoting the country’s many attractions.

“The vision of the new website ( was created out the necessity to provide efficient communication for the services that Peruvians and Canadians require,” says Augusto Freyre, Consul General of Peru in Vancouver. “Its mission is to bring attention, protection and Consulate support to the Peruvian local community, and build a platform for equally prompt attention to Canadians and foreign residents within its jurisdiction. With Solocube’s professional support, we’ve been able to achieve just that. ”

The Peruvian Consulate in Vancouver has jurisdiction over British Columbia, Alberta, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. The entry domain serves as a communication gateway to all Peruvian consulates in Canada, with relevant links to Peruvian websites. The Consulate is integral in maintaining strong links to Peru for citizens living in Canada and in promoting business and cultural collaboration between Peruvians and Canadians. As a valuable information resource, the newly launched website assists in the well-being of the nearly 3,000 Peruvian citizens living within its regional jurisdiction.

“The website’s title, ‘Getting Closer to Peru,’ speaks to the significance of this project in bringing Peruvians living abroad closer together,” says Ivan Dancourt, CEO of Solocube Solutions Inc. “Our goal was not only to inform Peruvians in Canada, but also to increase their ease of access to a broad range of valuable resources.” Dancourt also sees the website as a model opportunity to unite the Consulates of Peru worldwide with a consistent, attractive online presence.

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