Jan 31
Credit Grantors Website Design2 by Solocube Creative 970x563 - Credit Grantor’s Association Of Vancouver Gets Set To Start Their 75th Year With An Online Splash!

Credit Grantor’s Association Of Vancouver Gets Set To Start Their 75th Year With An Online Splash!

The Credit Grantors Association of Vancouver (CGA) is getting ready to start its 75th year with the launch of its new website this week.

Since 1930, the CGA has been promoting greater understanding of credit granting and the responsible use of credit to its industry members and the general public. Primary activities include monitoring legislative changes and liaising with credit bureaus to analyze the impact that changes in policy can have on industry and consumers. The CGA also sponsors educational and scholarship programs for high school students: Over 100 presentations on the “wise and responsible use of credit”, have been made to senior students, and $30,000 in scholarships have been awarded since 1999.

Solocube Solutions Inc. is responsible for development of the new website located, which is designed to enhance the existing connection between industry and the general public by making information more accessible. An online Credit Education Center designed for Canadian consumers wanting more detailed information about credit options has been developed, and an online payment and event registration system is on its way for members.

Loren Cooke, Director of the CGA, says “Solocube’s complete redesign and development of the site will add value for members and consumers by increasing accessibility to valuable information through improved site navigation, and providing a more effective vehicle to educate consumers about important issues affecting their ability to develop and maintain good credit. The timing is significant with our 75th year beginning, and we expect 2005 to be an excellent year.”

Ivan Dancourt, Solocube’s CEO and Creative Director, and resident of Vancouver sees the project as being invaluable to business and society, “From my understanding, the level of debt financing required by most consumers in Vancouver is increasing, and many will be looking for ways to manage debt while maintaining good credit. At the same time, local businesses may be feeling an increased pressure to grant more credit, and they will likely require more education on how to meet this consumer demand. It is my hope that the new website will promote greater education and enhanced communication within industry and the general public, so that everyone can be more informed and effective in their daily lives.”

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