Jun 21
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Copywriting Can Make or Break Your Landing Page – Make Sure Yours Doesn’t Suck

Landing pages are an excellent addition to your online marketing funnel. They can be used for cross-channel marketing, and even integrated with your offline marketing campaigns. While your lead page can be an effective method of conversions, your landing page copy and content can make or break your rate of success. Below are a few tips to ensure your copy supports your overall goals.

Make Sure Your Content Is Edited

While your landing page copy can be personable, conversational, and can include grammatically-incorrect trending phrases—it must be copyedited. Misspelled words, run-on sentences, and unintentional poor grammar can negatively impact your brand. It’s worth the extra cost of hiring an editor, or at the least having a detail-oriented colleague read through to ensure there are no errors.

Too Many Distractions

While it might be tempting to utilize bold font, italicized font, multiple fonts, and color to make your content stand out—there is a line and a limit. As a general rule of thumb:

  • Write in no more than 2 fonts
  • Write with no more than 2 colors
  • Only bold, capitalize, or italicize a handful of words per page

Properly Utilize Your Heading Tags

Heading tags are an excellent way to achieve your goal of making your headings, sub-headings, quotes, and key phrases stand out. As an added bonus, they are an effective method of SEO optimizing your landing page content.

Stuffing Your Keywords

With every search engine algorithm change comes a new approach to keyword mix. The most recent updates support an approach where your keywords flow within your content, opposed to being repetitively stuffed into each paragraph. Also, make sure that you diversify your keywords and phrases with multiple variations. Again, if you write naturally—you should be good to go.

Utilize Headings And Subheadings

Headings and subheadings are an excellent way to divide your landing page copy, and also make it easy to read. Before you begin writing, create a general outline that includes the key topics you want to cover.

Make Your Content Easy To Read

Your content needs to be short, sweet, and to the point. While you want to provide enough detail to entice your leads, not so much that you lose them in the long drawn out text. Make your content easy to read by:

  • Writing in short sentences
  • Writing in short paragraphs and/or chunks of content
  • Utilize bullet points, numbers, or lists

Utilize Landing Page Software

While you will still need to write your landing page content, utilizing landing page software is an excellent way to ensure your text is well laid-out and easy to read. Choose from a template designed for your need for a Thank You Page, Webinar/Training Page, Launch Page, Lead Capture Page, or Lead Capture Page. Then add text, headings, and photos to ensure you have a visually appealing page. No graphic design required!

Add Photos, Video, And Graphics

The fact of the matter is, most of your leads will not read your landing page content in full. Instead, they will skim over headings and bullet points. They will also look to your video, photos, and graphics as a method of visual learning. For this reason it is important to provide relevant graphics and images. If you have a video that helps deliver your message, add that too. Even if the video mirrors your text, it is a more impactful way to deliver your message.

Your lead page is a marketing tool that must be written and designed with great attention to detail. It should positively reflect your products, services, and brand—and must be written in a matter that inspires your lead to take action.