Apr 03
custom web design - Custom Website Design from Solocube Creative

Custom Website Design from Solocube Creative

Despite the availability of numerous template based readymade website layouts and design, custom website design still holds its steady place. The benefits of opting for a custom built website are numerous, which is why you must consider getting a custom website rather than opting for a template based one.



Custom web design for a good user experience

When you customize a website, you do it specifically to meet the interests and expectations of your target customers. As a result, your customers enjoy a better user experience on the website.

In the long term, this helps sustain your customer base and build customer loyalty. A positive user experience is also a great thing for customer retention.

Forceguard Website Design by Solocube Creative - Custom Website Design from Solocube Creative

Increase brand awareness through custom design

In the present day, branding is one of the most important requirements for the success of a business. Since customers today have a lot of choice, they filter out products based on the brand value of the provider.

When you build a custom website, you can infuse your brand elements more profoundly and make your website a reflection of your work ethics. Custom websites are designed around the brand and hence, visitors are more convinced about doing business with you.

Responsive sites that work on all devices

One of the biggest advantages of hiring Solocube Creative for custom website design is that you get a responsive site. The importance of responsive web designs in the present and in the coming future is immense because more and more people are accessing the Internet through smart devices.

Usually, websites that follow template based designs fail to render well on screens of different sizes. So, the user experience of your customers suffers.

Responsive design is unique because it is customised for each screen. So, although the images and text content of the website are same, the appearance differs based on the device.

Designers use CSS Media Queries in responsive designs to enable websites to gauge the screen resolution and change their layout accordingly. One design is suitable for all existing screen sizes and any other unique size or shape that could be used in the future.

Scott Security Systems Responsive Website Design 05 iPhone by Solocube Creative - Custom Website Design from Solocube Creative

Good investment

The only drawback of custom websites is that they are more expensive when compared to template based sites. However, as a business owner with strong business acumen, you need to think of the returns you receive on your investment rather than counting expenses.

Custom website design from Solocube ensures that you receive a high ROI. Moreover, investing in a custom website is a smart choice because you receive better results in shorter time.

Longer website lifetime turnover

A website that is custom designed works well for longer because it reflects your core values and ethics to the fullest. In other words, such websites are evergreen in their appeal to your target audience. Template based websites, on the other hand, are trendier and not timeless.

Secondly, custom websites help in increasing your clientele because they create excellent user experience. As your clientele grows, your profits increase steadily, in the long term, these websites can be highly profitable.

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