Sep 06
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How to Ethically Use Social Media Bots to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Leave it to the innovative minds at Facebook to turn an unethical and sometimes destructive tool, in to an ethical method of growing your business. We are referring to the growing trend of social media bots. “Bots” used to refer to the fake followers you could buy to make it look as though you had more followers than you do in real life. Initially, these bots did not engage on social media—but just liked your page or post. However, developers started to leverage machine learning to get these bots to respond to Facebook and Twitter posts, often for controversial purposes. These bots are certainly still around, however, there is a new social media chat bot in town, one that can help drive sales and conversions.

Your Automated Customer Service Solution

The ethical social chat bots available for your website and social media act as an automated 24/7 customer service solution. Just like the virtual assistants on your phone, Siri and Cortana, they can provide your social media visitors with the quick answers needed to drive purchasing decisions. Your social media bots minimize and often eliminate the need for leads to leave your Facebook or Twitter page to engage with your business. Yes, leads can always send you a direct message in either, but that still requires a delayed response. With a chat bot, there is no delay.

Leveraging Social Media Chat Bots To Accelerate Your Business Growth

Social media chat bots must be designed to achieve specific goals. Depending on the type of product or service you provide, your chat bot goals will vary. For example, if you sell footwear your goal will likely be to help customers find shoes, boots, and sandals in alternate colors—or in the size they are searching for. With a few easy to navigate, predetermined prompts your simple chat bot can do this right from you Facebook page. If you sell as service, such as personalized diet and health program, your artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot may appear more like a live agent who instantly responds to your questions via Messenger.

Your Customers Might Never Know They Are Chatting With A Bot

When set up thoughtfully, and designed to meet your online visitor’s most common needs, they may never know they are chatting with a bot instead of a live agent. Or, when prompted to a screen that provides automated options or prompts, they may know they aren’t speaking to a live agent—but they will appreciate the easy method of engagement. Such as finding the same boot in black instead of brown.

Social media chat bots are a cost-effective method for businesses of all sizes. Startup and small local businesses can easily afford to add a simple chat bot to their social media and website. Major brands and corporations can add an AI chat bot, which will continue to “learn” the more it interacts with consumers. Leverage your chat bots to deliver instant engagement, answer the final questions that drive conversions, boost sales and upsells, and brand your business as a top contender.

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