Apr 16
find new ways engage customers meaningful ways FB - Find New Ways to Engage With Your Customers in Meaningful Ways

Find New Ways to Engage With Your Customers in Meaningful Ways

customer engagement - Find New Ways to Engage With Your Customers in Meaningful WaysA successful business is not just about selling and making profit. It’s also about connecting with your customers. More often than not, people look for the human side of businesses and brands. They need to know they’re not dealing with cold, heartless machines.

Thanks to technology and social media, there are tools that help us reach out to our customers. But don’t put your feet up yet because engaging with your customers in meaningful ways is easier said than done. It requires creativity, cleverness, and planning. A rule of thumb is to always remain relevant to your brand and customers.

Encourage social media feedback and blog comments.

Even consistently putting out quality content isn’t enough. You need to know how your audience is receiving it and reacting to your content. Encourage them to leave comments on your blog or social media posts, and questions if they have any.

Nothing is more discouraging than reading an awesome blog or going through social media posts where it seems like the company cannot be reached. Fulfill your end of the bargain by answering questions as best as you can, and responding to positive customer comments and feedback. Also, don’t forget to thank them for their comments and participation. Sure, you’ll open yourself to spammy comments and even the occasional ranting customer, but there are programs you can use to help filter spam.

Build a community or group.

Online forums still exist and keep interactions between business and customer or customer to customer alive. However, many companies now prefer to interact with customers via social networks. Since majority of customers are on their social networks every day, this is actually a practical strategy. Networks like Facebook Groups, Google+ Communities, and LinkedIn Groups allow users and companies to start conversations and participate in them.

Post about trending topics in your blog.

Find out the top trending topics in your industry that your customers are likely to find interesting. Write short articles revolving around these topics—make it something newsworthy, informative, inspiring, entertaining, or funny. Accompany it with eye-catching photos.

Create an inspiration board.

Pinterest is an amazing platform for sharing what inspires your company and your brand. You can pin photos, articles, or blog posts that mean something to you and your company. Customers can understand what drives your company to be successful at what you do.

Post behind-the-scenes photos.

Customers want to put a face to your business. You can post select event photos and work photos to your Facebook or Instagram accounts. It’s great for transparency. Plus, people are convinced you are indeed humans and not machines.

Post images with viral potential.

You know those funny cat photos you’re guilty of sharing too? Memes have the power to crack people up and are shared instantly. If you can make something like that, make it related to your company. Creative, quirky, and unique shots of your products also count.

Start a poll.

Polls are an interesting way to shake up engagement levels. Start with simple questions like something related to the use of your product, gather opinions on an industry-related topic, or maybe fish for ideas for your next event.