Apr 09
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How to Create Trust Through Your Website Design

Now that you know what to do to have a successful web design strategy, it’s time to consider creating trust through your website design. Gaining the trust of your audience is crucial because it is this trust that would keep them coming back to your website and make them do what you want them to do—keep your business thriving.

Look the professional that you are.

In the online world, looks do matter. If there’s nothing visually appealing in your website, it turns off visitors in mere seconds and makes them click away from your site. Whether you hire a professional web designer or do the designing yourself, keep in mind that your website needs to look very professional. This means no to the cluttered, eye-sore inducing look, and yes to neat, crisp pages with quality and relevant content. It’s time to put that smashing content strategy into use.

Provide reviews from real people.

The proof is in the pudding. But in this case, the proof is in the testimonials. It’s only natural for people to look for reassurance about your products and services before they try it out for themselves, especially if you’re new to them. Show proof of your reliability through third party statements like customer testimonials, case studies, and press mentions. Customer testimonials can be the strongest trust building proof you can provide, especially if they’re from well-known names or businesses. Highlight bits of media mentions you get whether in blogs, newspapers, or magazines. If you were featured in interviews via video or podcast, they make helpful content for your website too.

Show a human face to your brand.

It’s not all about business. Let people get to know your human side. Provide a fitting photo and a short bio about you and your staff. Include helpful info like social media accounts, qualifications, and achievements. Let your professionalism and skills speak for themselves by including a statement or two about the awards and accolades you’ve garnered if any. Not only does this show the real faces that drive your company, it’ll also help visitors identify with your brand better.

Offer guarantees.

People who come across your brand for the first time have no idea whether you are indeed reliable and professional as you claim you are. You know you are, but first-time visitors need a bit more reassurance. You can offer risk free guarantees to customers to ease their worries about problems they might encounter should the product or service they avail not live up to its portrayal on the website. Make sure to offer guarantees that you’re capable of providing, or you’ll only stuff up your reputation if you can’t deliver.

Ensure security.

Customers do think twice before providing their details to you. Nobody wants receiving spammy emails when they give out their email address, or be a victim of identity theft when they give you their credit card info. It is important that you tell your customers how you keep their information secure.

Allow for interaction with customers.

Allowing customers to leave feedback, comments, and questions, or creating a forum where they can discuss your products, services, and other concerns freely with fellow customers is not just a practice of democracy. If it’s generally positive, it shows that you are professional, stand by your brand, and care for your customers.

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