Jul 22
for pay per click dont underestimate the power of bing ads1 - For Pay Per Click, Don't Underestimate the Power of Bing Ads

For Pay Per Click, Don’t Underestimate the Power of Bing Ads

When it comes to pay per click and advertising on websites, Google is a favorite name among marketers and online entrepreneurs. However, not a lot of people realize the power Bing Ads has over Google. What does Bing Ads have to offer that Google just can’t? You will be surprised but Bing Ads actually has something of value to offer.

Less Competition, Cheaper CPCs

Most businesses do not consider Bing Ads, but they should because it employs the same auction dynamic of AdWords auction. The benefits are numerous but the competition is not so tight. The CPCs (Cost per click) on Bing is also much lower compared to Google. Not only does Bing have cheaper CPCs but the ads in the business take a better position.

Transparency and Control

Google will offer paid search advertisers with two options for their campaign: either to use target Google search or both search partners and target Google search. There is no alternative between those.

You can’t perform targeted search partners and not include a specific search partner. You don’t even have the ability to check which partner engines are attracting traffic for your page. On the other hand, Bing offers more flexibility because Bing allows you to target only Bing and Yahoo, only search partners, or both options.

Better Social Extensions

Bing uses Twitter as a social extension. The advertiser will now have the number of Twitter followers displayed beside their ad. Meanwhile, Google uses Google+ as their social extensions.

Bing Doesn’t Impose Close Variants

Google has removed the exact and phrase match keywords that everyone got accustomed to by implementing the then-optional “close variant” matching onto AdWords account. Because of this, the close variants were able to extend its reach of exact key terms, which will now include plurals and misspellings of the concerned search terms.

This may not have brought about a huge impact to SMB (small and medium-sized business) accounts, but search leaders reacted negatively. Bing does not impose these close variants. The option of close variants is there, but it remains to be an option.

1 in 5 people use Bing Search!

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