Jan 20
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How Can Google Analytics Help Your Website?

Google Analytics software is a blessing to any online business website. It has tools that help you reach your intended users, help you understand them better, and ultimately, drive more traffic to your site to boost your online presence.

Here’s the low-down on what Google Analytics does for you and how it helps your website. These are 5 important areas to look for in Google Analytics.

1. How visitors are drawn to your site

Google Analytics can provide you a list of words and phrases related to your business or organization to help drive more users to your site. Each of these is rated according to the frequency that visitors accessed your site through a specific word or phrase. This feature comes handy when developing marketing strategies. If you know which specific words and phrases draw more visitors to your site, you can focus on related topics and subject matter that interests them. Highlight these throughout relevant pages in your site, especially your homepage. This tool is very valuable if you want to keep your visitors’ interest long enough to explore your site and probably do more.

2. What turns off visitors

Knowing what stops users from clicking through your site and moving on to another website is just as important as knowing what keeps them interested. Google Analytics shows you the top exit pages of your website, and the frequencies which visitors abandon ship and transfer elsewhere. This feature is helpful especially when deciding which pages aren’t attracting users and whether or not they need to be revamped or scrapped entirely. Dry, uninteresting, ineffective pages might be one of the drawbacks to your website.

3. How many people aren’t interested at all

Your website may have a million hits, but if users aren’t staying to explore, you have a problem. Google Analytics provides a breakdown of your Bounce Rate. A bounce rate essentially, is the proportion of your site visitors who landed on your page but navigate away without a second or third click through your site. Google isn’t very forgiving with websites with a high bounce rate because these sites lack staying power with users. If you find that you have a high bounce rate, it’s time to rethink your website and make effective changes.

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4. Which browsers your visitors use.

Google Analytics gives you a breakdown of what browsers are used and their frequency. Whether visitors accessed your website via Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, you will know. Think of it like Sauron, the “all-seeing eye” in The Lord of the Rings, or even Big Brother. It’s a creepy thought, but this Google Analytics feature has a simple and practical purpose. Some web features are incompatible with some browsers and operating systems. Users can’t access these features if that’s the case. If a huge portion of your visitors are using a system that’s incompatible with your website, what they see and get from it is limited. This means you need to apply changes to make your site accessible to all.

5. Whether many visitors access your site via mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets have become a huge part of people’s lives. Google Analytics will also show you whether users find your site via these devices. The purpose is again, very simple. If a significant proportion of visitors access your site on their mobile devices, it’s time to make your website mobile-user friendly if it isn’t already. If your site doesn’t support mobile access, you could lose a lot of potential visitors and clients.