Jun 04
top 5 areas you should look at in your google analytics account2 - Top 5 Areas You Should Look at in Your Google Analytics Account

Top 5 Areas You Should Look at in Your Google Analytics Account

This is an era where not only the Internet and various online platforms are readily available at our disposal; they have also become essential to business survival. Google Analytics is one such tool that can help propel your business to success. It creates reports that monitor how web users are using and reacting to your website. By analyzing this very powerful insight into your visitor data, you can apply changes to areas in your website that need them. Not only that, understanding how your customers use your website makes you more equipped in creating better online marketing campaigns.

But to a business owner who needs to do multiple tasks within a day, looking at a Google Analytics report with all its overflowing data can be overwhelming. To avoid this, you only need to look at these 5 top areas in your Google Analytics account to understand how your business website is doing.

1. Traffic sources

The traffic source report is the most important Google Analytics metric you should look at. It tells you how many people visited your website and how they found it. Users get to a website mainly through these channels: search traffic, referral traffic, or direct traffic. Search traffic means users found your website via a search engine, like Google. This is the most important number to look at because majority of traffic comes from search engine usage.

traffic sources - Top 5 Areas You Should Look at in Your Google Analytics Account

A good search traffic rating is above 50%. You get referral traffic when a user clicks on a link from another website that links back to you. Lastly, direct traffic is when a user types your URL in their browser, which doesn’t happen as often as search traffic.

Since you’d probably be focusing on drawing more search traffic, think of building an effective keyword strategy which can catapult your website right to the very first page of search results connected with your chosen keyword. Why? Because like you, 75% of web users never look beyond the first page of search results.

2. Landing pages

Landing pages are main indicators of visitor interest. This report tells you the exact pages web users land on first when accessing your site. It also includes exactly how many visits your most important pages have acquired, how long these visitors stayed, and how many pages they visited while exploring your website. This more or less gives you an idea of whether visitors find your content engaging, which pages are doing well, and which aren’t.  Also, it helps determine whether your calls-to-action are effective in drawing visitors further to complete a process or a successful sales funnel.

landing pages - Top 5 Areas You Should Look at in Your Google Analytics Account

3. Exit pages

Another main indicator of visitor interest, an exit page is the point where most of your visitors leave your site from. Look at your top ten exit pages, and make sure these are the ones you want users to leave from like order completion pages or form completion thank you pages. If people leave from significant pages like your homepage, conversion forms, or during checkout process, your page might need optimization.

exit pages - Top 5 Areas You Should Look at in Your Google Analytics Account

4. Bounce rate

Bounce rate measures the percentage of your visitors who only looked at one page in your website before leaving it immediately to head to another site, hence “bouncing” off your website. If your top landing pages have a bounce rate of over 50%, this might mean that users don’t find the information they’re looking for in your pages, or your top landing pages are poorly optimized and lack compelling calls-to-action. Either way, a high bounce rate isn’t a good indication for business. You might need to revamp your pages to make them more optimized to convert leads.

bounce rate - Top 5 Areas You Should Look at in Your Google Analytics Account

5. Traffic location

This report includes a nifty interactive map, showing which areas your visitors came from around the world. Aside from telling you where traffic is coming from, it indicates which of those areas are bringing in more solid leads and sales. This is helpful because you can use it to plan upcoming marketing strategies and to bookmark potential locations for future business investments.