Oct 18
Mortgage Brokers Association of BC Website Design by Solocube Creative copy 970x563 - Mortgage Brokers Association Of BC Set To Reach 1000 Member Milestone With Launch Of New Website

Mortgage Brokers Association Of BC Set To Reach 1000 Member Milestone With Launch Of New Website

The Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC) is set to reach a target of 1000 members with the launch of its new Web Site at In a few short years, the organization’s membership has jumped from 300 to more than 800 members from across BC.

MBABC’s mandate is to provide a voice for BC’s brokers, educate its members, preserve the integrity of the mortgage marketplace, and investigate customer complaints.

Mortgage brokers are increasingly joining the Association, which offers official accreditation to member brokers, and creates a venue for consumers, lenders, lawyers and regulators to access some of the best-trained and educated brokers in the province. MBABC’s new Web Site builds on this trend, providing a discussion forum, profiles of its members, and a search engine that allows clients to find brokers by city, company or individually.

“The new Web Site certainly creates a focal point to discuss and improve upon professional standards,” says Don Barr, President of the Mortgage Brokers Association of BC. Barr also sees the Web Site as an important way to market the Association’s applied information courses, which are designed specifically to meet the rapidly changing needs of the industry.

Moe Lessan, Chair of the communications board overseeing the project, says, “Our goal was to design a highly informative Web Site to be utilized by the public, MBABC members and potential mortgage brokers. The site had to be user-friendly and easy to surf with an attractive layout. Solocube addressed all of our requirements and provided us with professional advice by considering the fast growth of the mortgage broker industry, and by designing and implementing a Web Site that exceeded our expectations.”

North Vancouver’s Solocube Solutions Inc. redesigned and developed the MBABC Web Site. CEO Ivan Dancourt says, “I am pleased to have collaborated with the Mortgage Brokers Association to enhance their role as a centre of excellence for BC brokers, and to make it easier for members and clients to access and navigate their Web Site.”

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