Mar 11
UWC Website Design by Solocube - United World Cargo (UWC) Ready for Road Ahead with New Website Designed by Solocube Creative Group

United World Cargo (UWC) Ready for Road Ahead with New Website Designed by Solocube Creative Group

Customers are encouraged to use UWC as a single point of contact to monitor and manage all aspects of shipments from start to finish, throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada. As a key resource and partner, UWC seeks to eliminate the time and expense associated with having to book and schedule trucks and warehouses in various countries.
And, in a market heavily dominated by price competition, superior quality control and customer service is absolutely necessary for customer retention and sales growth.

UWC invites customers to put them to the test. All critical aspects of the business are measured constantly to ensure that none of UWC’s retail customers experience “stock outs” and that store sales are maximized. Delivery performance is tracked daily and consolidated monthly for UWC’s customers to review. Daily truck updates are prepared each morning showing the status so Customers know where their loads are and what they will have available to sell on what day.

The company is also committed to providing the necessary support to its carrier partners too. All logistics and service staff are bilingual in English and Spanish, as is the company’s new website ( designed by Solocube Creative Group.

UWC says: “We are very pleased with our new site designed by Solocube Creative Group. It is an extension of our corporate commitment to accountability and accessibility, and we look forward to extending our reach online with Solocube’s marketing programs. Solocube’s ability to communicate in English and Spanish, combined with the firm’s fine track record for helping companies increase their site traffic and sales conversions is the reason we chose to work with them. “

Ivan Dancourt from Solocube says, “When I met with United World Cargo, I was very impressed with their 100% commitment to quality control and upfront nature of doing business. I wanted to design a site that communicates these key points and that could become a resource for UWC’s customers. The online marketing and newsletter functions of the site published in English and Spanish will be available to all UWC’s Partners. Newsletter content such as updates on new freight opportunities, valuable market information, seasonal tips and pointers, and strategic partnerships are all part of the mix. With tremendous industry growth projected in transportation, I’m looking forward to seeing more success for UWC.”

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