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Organic SEO Vs Pay per Click PPC Advertising1 - Organic SEO Vs Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Organic SEO Vs Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

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Organic SEO and Pay per Click are two opposite ends of the same thread. If you want to promote your website without really waiting for nature taking its course, you need to make additional efforts and give the much needed push to your SEO campaign. In order to obtain the winning edge in the highly competitive web world, the right mix of organic SEO and PPC advertising is the key to successful websites.

Here’s a low down on the two sides of the same coin:

Click rate and conversions

Websites that come up in organic searches have a much better click rate when compared to PPC ads. Customers seem to trust organic results much more than they trust paid ads because search engine users assume SERPs ranks to be unbiased.

Conversion rate of organic SEO is almost 17 percent higher than that of PPC. So, by focusing your efforts towards organic SEO, you can expect higher conversion rates.

Return time

Organic ranking is a slow process. Moreover, with trillions of websites on the web, it is really tough to get your website to rank in the top ten. PPC has an upper hand here.

If you choose the right keywords and bid according to certain factors such as geo-location, your ad appears on the top more easily. The visibility of your website increases and subsequently, you are assured of a good traffic flow into your site.

Longevity of results

Organic SEO gets you long term results because your website gradually but steadily ranks higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs) if the techniques you adopt are effective. PPC gets you instant results that might not be long lasting. Nevertheless, you get an early breakthrough and a platform on which you can expedite the growth of your website.


When it comes to costs, PPC is the better choice because it gives you a higher ROI. You pay only for productive results and not for the presence of your ad on the page. Organic SEO is cheaper but you cannot guarantee a satisfactory ROI. Small businesses find PPC to be the better option because it is more cost effective and turns up quicker returns.

Organic SEO Vs Pay per Click PPC Advertising Comparison - Organic SEO Vs Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Access to target traffic

PPC gives you better access to highly relevant target traffic. You can ensure that your ad appears only specific geographies and only when highly targeted keywords are used. For instance, you can promote your ads in targeted communities on social media.

You can also link the best pages of your website to the PPC campaign and make a better impression on the target traffic. While organic SEO is also keyword oriented, you do not enjoy this level of precision in targeting the right customer base.

The right blend of organic SEO and PPC is necessary

SEO experts agree that a combination of organic SEO and PPC is necessary to promote a business. In fact, both these methods complement each other in several ways. Together, they form a formidable promotional strategy.

When you combine these methods, the task becomes easier because the research you carry out for one method can be used for the other. For example, results of keyword analysis, studying target customers, and website analytics can be used for both the processes.

The effectiveness of the combined campaign depends on the expertise of the Internet marketing agency. So, make sure that you hire the right one.

According to a new survey of digital marketers, SEO is the number one source for lead generation.

SEOvs.PPC  - Organic SEO Vs Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Also read our latest article: SEO vs PPC: Which is Better For Your Type of Business?