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MC Rehabilitation Responsive Web Design Solocube 061 1000x563 - Solocube Creative Announces the Launch of MC Rehabilitation & Wellness Much-awaited Website

Solocube Creative Announces the Launch of MC Rehabilitation & Wellness Much-awaited Website

Located in Fort St. John, BC, Multi Professional Clinic MC Rehabilitation & Wellness, is all set to take its best foot forward in the online dimension, with the launch of its custom-made, engaging and responsively designed website,, that offers a consistent and high quality user experience across all browsing devices.

With a heartfelt rendition of holistic healing and quality health services at affordable rates, MC Rehabilitation envisions to provide a suitable environment wherein the entire community of Fort St. John, BC, can be provided with the best health care facilities and health education in order to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

MC Rehabilitation Responsive Web Design Solocube 02 - Solocube Creative Announces the Launch of MC Rehabilitation & Wellness Much-awaited Website

Mike Friesen, the CEO of MC Rehab is particularly enthusiastic about the launch, as it is a big achievement for his facility, and he has been consistently involved in the content development as well as photography of the website all along.

As a highly passionate Health Professional himself, he leads a competent team of experts who specialize in providing a wide range of rehabilitation, wellness and personal training services. He is also glad that Solocube Creative, the Vancouver-based Digital Marketing Agency that he entrusted with the Web Design and Development as well as Content Strategy of MC Rehab’s brand new website has done a commendable job so far.

Mike has said, “With our new website, I believe it is a step in the right direction to reach a larger market of people.  An interactive online presence is becoming a necessity and Solocube Creative designed exactly what we were looking for.  Our proudest feature is our online booking system, which enables users to make future appointments, view upcoming appointments, etc.  Our team is very excited to move forward with the new website and the patient based we all hope to reach!”.


Having a well designed and user-friendly website that reflects the core values and offerings of your organization, goes a long way in reaching out to your potential clients and creating a lasting impact on them. Solocube Creative has certainly lived up to all these expectations, and will very soon be anchoring the Inbound Marketing Campaign of MC Rehab.

Creative Director of Solocube,  Ivan Dancourt has been extremely positive about their collaboration with MC Rehab and has said, “When Mike contacted us about redesigning their website, we found there was an opportunity to do something special. We went to the drawing board and designed a site that would elevate their brand tenfold. I think we achieved just that. Working with Mike was a pleasure and it was a very collaborative effort. The end product is a site that really works for them and their target market on a laptop or on a mobile device.”

MC Rehabilitation Responsive Web Design Solocube 05 - Solocube Creative Announces the Launch of MC Rehabilitation & Wellness Much-awaited Website

The home page of MC Rehab’s official website depicts a highly professional, intelligent and well-planned structure and layout of the entire site’s content. The drop down service menu provides the end-user with an a visual assortment of the entire range of Clinical Services as well as Occupational Testing Services in one go.


The simple three-step appointment menu provided to potential customers in order to conveniently schedule appointments online, without having to make a call is an excellent step forward, and is expected to be received very well.

Also noteworthy of mention is the extensive picture gallery that displays a very attractive array of photographs of MC Rehab’s multitude of facilities as well as equipments.

In line with the principles of Inbound Marketing where the focus is on engaging clients, and fostering long-term relationships with them, a number of highly informative and interesting blog posts have been added to the website, so that every end-user who views the site has a value-added and enriching experience.

Considering the necessity of harnessing the power of social media today, there seems to be a lot of emphasis given on social media optimization of the website as well, which is evident with the latest Twiter Updates of MC Rehab being featured on the home page.

Last but not least, this innovative and well-planned website has a responsive design, which enables it to provide a seamless browsing experience to desktop, mobile and tablet users, all alike!

MC Rehabilitation Responsive Web Design Solocube 01 - Solocube Creative Announces the Launch of MC Rehabilitation & Wellness Much-awaited Website

About MC Rehabilitation & Wellness

MC Rehabilitation and Wellness offers a wide range of rehabilitation, wellness, and strength coaching/personal training services at an affordable rate. We provide a comfortable, trustworthy, and focused environment in order to maximize your ability to achieve results and become educated through the process of the program provided by highly experienced professionals. MC Rehabilitation and Wellness is a multi-professional clinic to serve the needs of the community with one location. Our goal is to fast-track your needs with our honest and committed team and their expertise!

About Solocube Creative

Solocube Creative is a leading web development and inbound marketing company. It offers customized website development and marketing solutions to clients across Canada, US and South America. Started in 2003 with an eagle eye focus on commitment towards high value website design, the company now also offers inbound marketing, print design, content strategy, logo and branding solutions, and responsive web design.  The company is lead by Vancouver based Ivan Dancourt, who has an extensive 17 years experience in web design, development, advertising and marketing.


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