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garpy responsive web design solocube creative 031 900x563 - Solocube Creative Establishes a Web Presence for Garpy Concrete and Restoration

Solocube Creative Establishes a Web Presence for Garpy Concrete and Restoration

Solocube empowers Vancouver based Garpy Concrete and Restoration Company with a well designed website that reflects its brand personality and creates a strong image in the highly competitive market. 

Vancouver, May 27 2013Solocube Creative, a specialist in web design, mobile website, content strategy, Internet marketing and branding services, has developed a creative website for its client Garpy Concrete and Restoration, a company that offers services in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Garpy, a Vancouver concrete and restoration service, offers renovation of parking lots, high-rises, concrete finishing, power washing, self-levelling and paint and caulking services. It was established in 2007 and has built a steady clientele in the city.

Solocube designed Garpy’s website to look clean, uncluttered and reflect elements of engineering through well placed graphics, keeping in view the nature of work the company did. The final result has come out to be attractive, relevant and efficient.

Elegant & Attractive Responsive Web Design for Garpy Concrete

garpy responsive web design solocube creative 03 - Solocube Creative Establishes a Web Presence for Garpy Concrete and Restoration


The owner of Garpy, Claudio Pineda said, “I realize the importance of a good web presence in the present world. So, I wanted the website of my company to reflect the work we did. Since I am not a very tech-savvy person, I only gave an outline of how I wanted the website to look. I was essentially looking for a classy and easy-to-use website, and am thrilled that the team from Solocube has carried out my requirements to the letter and then some. I am pretty happy with the way the website looks. Now, Garpy has a website that can drive more business and establish a strong brand image”.

garpy responsive web design solocube creative iPhone 04 - Solocube Creative Establishes a Web Presence for Garpy Concrete and Restoration

Talking about his experience while building a website for the Vancouver concrete and restoration company Garpy, the Founder and Creative Director of Solocube Ivan Dancourt said, “Early on in the planning design process of the Website, we saw that there was a lack of online image, branding and quality website presence in online competition, for concrete and restoration companies in the Vancouver area. So we wanted to use this to our advantage and establish a website design for Garpy that exceeded our client’s expectations. I think we accomplished just that. We are very happy with the final website.”

Dancourt also said that the present web design industry is all about customization and ease of use. Since customers today have so much choice, it is important to ensure they have a good experience when they visit a website.

garpy responsive web design solocube creative IPAD 03 - Solocube Creative Establishes a Web Presence for Garpy Concrete and Restoration

Additionally, it has become imperative to incorporate the brand’s personality into its web design because a company’s website is its front desk in the virtual world.

The team at Solocube focuses on ensuring uniqueness for every website they design so that their clients can carve a distinct niche for themselves in this highly competitive industry.

About Garpy Concrete & Restoration

Garpy Concrete and Restoration is based in Vancouver, serving customers across the lower mainland since 2007. Like many other businesses, we too started out with the aim of delivering personalised solutions catering to all our customers’ needs.  Over the years, we have ensured client satisfaction by delivering prompt and convenient solutions. The construction business is a demanding one, and one where poor standards and lack of experience show through quickly. With that in mind, our concrete has been tested and developed to ensure that it forms part of a strong foundation that lasts a lifetime. We are well aware of eco duties as well and follow environment friendly processes.

About Solocube Creative

Established in 2003, Solocube has created numerous interactive and custom responsive web designs for numerous companies. The specialties of the company include HTML5, CSS3, PHP Development, WordPress Content Management and custom wordpress web development. The company believes in adopting an imaginative and innovative approach towards every client it handles. Over the years, Solocube has built a reputation of reliability and efficiency.

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