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rec turf web design by solocube - Sporting Surfaces Dealer Rec-Turf Gains Competitive Advantage Through New Website

Sporting Surfaces Dealer Rec-Turf Gains Competitive Advantage Through New Website

New Website and Brand Identity Propels Rec-Turf Onto a New Playing Field

Sometimes the grass is truly greener on the other side of the fence. For sporting surfaces provider Rec-Turf Inc., their re-engineered website is proving to be a winner. Rec-Turf is the official exclusive dealer of Polytan and associated artificial surface systems throughout the West Coast of the USA. But visually presenting the high-quality outdoor and indoor turf systems and running tracks has proven to be a challenge for Rec-Turf. Without showrooms, a highly functional and appealing website is key.

Enter: Solocube Creative Group. The Vancouver-based Internet & Creative Design agency applied a comprehensive approach to produce a cutting edge website for Rec-Turf,, which is now receiving top rankings in search engine optimization and enhancing their clients' online experiences.

“We wanted the ability to showcase our previously completed projects, while introducing our customers to the new products on offer,” explains Rec-Turf's marketing manager, Chris Waine. “Now we have a unique platform for clients to view our products and services, thereby differentiating Rec-Turf from other artificial turf companies.”

In conjunction with the website re-development, Solocube helped Rec-Turf re-brand, developing a new logo, marketing collateral, print ads and a trade show booth. The result? A strong unified brand and a seamless interaction for customers. Ivan Dancourt, Creative Director for Solocube credits the project's overall goal as the impetus for success: “Our goal was to create a strong new brand presence for the company and give it a fresh start in the Artificial Turf industry in the US. We aimed for continuity from the website through to the print and marketing materials. And I think we have achieved exactly that,” he states. Seems the grass really can be greener after all.

About Rec-Turf Inc.
Operating since 1988, Rec-Turf Inc. brings over twenty years of in-depth knowledge and experience within the sport surfacing industry, its physiology and associated installation techniques. Rec-Turf offers a range of high-quality sports surfacing products to the athletic community including monofilament artificial turf, running tracks and indoor (recreational) portable turf. Rec-Turf is the official exclusive dealer for Polytan on the US West Coast (including Washington State, Oregon, Califronia, Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska). Polytan is a world leader in the artificial turf and running track industry.

About Solocube Creative Group
Solocube Creative Group is an internet & creative design agency based in Vancouver Canada, led by local entrepreneur Ivan Dancourt. Solocube plans, builds and markets digital business solutions for clients in North & South America. From creative design and web application development to marketing collateral and consulting services, Solocube offers a fully integrated solution that helps companies strengthen their brand, increase sales and enhance customer loyalty. To learn more about this and other Solocube Solution projects, please visit Solocube's website at or contact Solocube at 604-210-9480.


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