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acumen 1stWebsite launch - Vancouver Criminal Law Firm, Acumen, Represents Well Online And In Court:  New Website Provides Valuable Information In A Clean Readable Package

Vancouver Criminal Law Firm, Acumen, Represents Well Online And In Court: New Website Provides Valuable Information In A Clean Readable Package

Acumen Law Corporation, a premier Vancouver criminal law office, is known for the courageous defence of clients who are facing criminal charges, and a willingness to fight difficult cases. Astute with a proven ability to obtain results, Acumen has earned the trust and respect of both clients and the courts over the years.

Paul Doroshenko of Acumen Law Corporation provides a free initial consultation, an assessment of the prospective case and he clearly explains the client’s options at no charge. As the cases progress, he provides an updated assessments of the case so his clients know what to expect. 

“Hiring the right lawyer may be the most important decision you can make in defending the criminal charges. We invite prospective clients to meet with us without charge to discuss their options. We will talk about the facts of their case, the legal issues and how we can help them. In the vast majority of our cases we protect our clients from receiving a criminal record.” says Paul Doroshenko.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, guarantees that everyone has a Right to be represented by a Lawyer and to be Presumed Innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This Vancouver Law Firm represents people who do not make a career of crime. They have the expertise to keep their clients from getting a criminal record.

Designed & developed by Solocube Creative Group, the new Acumen brand and Website gives visitors and potential clients information about their fundamental rights, detailed case examples and case results, client testimonials and additional legal resources. Says Solocube Director, Ivan Dancourt, “I’m pleased to have worked with Acumen to develop their brand, marketing material and Website. The last ten years has shown increased efforts by top legal firms in Canada to focus on marketing and branding legal services. The value that the Acumen brand and website brings to the marketplace is a strong commitment to consumer trust and education; something that everyone is looking for. We succeeded in creating a primary interface for potential clients to learn about criminal charges and how this Vancouver Law Firm can help them deal with their criminal case.”

Solocube Creative Group understood our desire to explain how we use the law to help our clients. The issue for us was to communicate effectively so that visitors to our site can make the first important decision, i.e. to contact us. Many people are apprehensive about contacting a lawyer. Our website helps to demystify the process. Our job is to help our clients, but the first step is for them to contact us for a free consultation.” said Paul Doroshenko.

About Acumen Law Firm
Acumen Law Corporation is a Vancouver Criminal Law Firm providing legal services to people with criminal charges in British Columbia and defending people investigated or charged with the Crimes and prohibited acts in the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, as well at offences under the BC Motor Vehicle Act and the Insurance Motor Vehicle Act (ICBC Offences). Practice areas include Impaired Driving, Assault, Theft, Shoplifting, and Mischief and all other criminal charges. To learn more about Acumen, please visit or call 604-685-8889.

About Solocube Creative Group
Solocube Creative Group is an internet & creative design agency based in Vancouver Canada, led by local entrepreneur Ivan Dancourt. Solocube plans, builds and markets digital business solutions for clients in North & South America. From creative design and web application development to marketing collateral and consulting services, Solocube offers a fully integrated solution that helps companies strengthen their brand, increase sales and enhance customer loyalty. To learn more about this and other Solocube Solutions projects, please visit Solocube's website at or contact Solocube at 604-836-7610.

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