Nov 02
the right way to test google ads locally guide for small businesses 960x563 - The Right Way to Test Google Ads Locally (Guide for Small Businesses)

The Right Way to Test Google Ads Locally (Guide for Small Businesses)

Advertising your business through Google can be a great way to gain new customers, especially if you are a small company looking to widen your client base.

However, it is important to make sure that you are testing the performance of your ads. If not, you run the risk of paying for a service that is not delivering the results that you require to grow as a company.

At Solocube Creative, we have produced a simple and effective guide to help you get the results that matter.

So, here’s our guide to testing Google ads the right way.

Decide what to test

Now, before you can begin analyzing your Google ad performance, you must first decide what you need to test.

Ideally, you should be testing high-value factors that reveal a lot about how consumers are responding to your businesses’ advertisements. A great way to do this is through Google Trends, a free tool designed to analyze trending search volumes for specific phrases or topics. With this, you will be able to see exactly how customers are searching for businesses like yours.

After collecting this information, you can make data-driven decisions that maximize the reach of your advertisement. Namely, adopting phrasing that matches the peak search volumes for your specific ad. The benefit of this tool is that you can appear on Google at the very moment that someone has searched for a service like yours, turning a click into a valuable consumer. 

Test quickly and with clear aims

As for how you should be testing your ad, it is important to contemplate what factors are most important for the growth of your business. You cannot test for everything, so it is crucial that you focus on the things which will produce the most informative results.

An effective way of achieving this is to first create a hypothesis about what type of difference you aim to see through testing. This way you can narrow down the scope of your campaign testing to ensure you are consistently working towards your specific business goals.

Not only this, but it is also paramount to test in a way that produces statistical significance as quickly as possible. As you probably know, digital marketing is always evolving, and new competitors are joining the market every day.

So, it is important to receive results quickly and implement the necessary changes to keep your business at the fingertips of consumers.

Analyze results

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should be making a meaningful analysis of your test results. Everything you have learned should be implemented at the earliest date and recorded for future reference. Moreover, you should aim to identify and account for any anomalies within your data collection.

Doing so will ensure that your results are not skewed or implemented to your detriment at a later date. Overall, you should use your results to make effective improvements to the performance of your business advertisement.

If you require any further assistance with testing your Google Ads, please feel free to contact us at SoloCube creative.