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5 google advertising mistakes lawyers make with their campaigns and how to avoid them 1000x563 - 5 Google Advertising Mistakes Lawyers Make with Their Campaigns and How to Avoid Them

5 Google Advertising Mistakes Lawyers Make with Their Campaigns and How to Avoid Them

You want to get the highest return on your investment when placing online ads for your law firm. However, there are a few common mistakes that many firms make when posting Google ads for lawyers. Here’s how to avoid the top 5 mistakes.

Mistake #1 Keyword Selection

Keywords must be researched before you place your ad. In most cases, the keywords are too broad or too competitive. Utilize a keyword tool, even Google Trends, to determine the keywords clients are typing into Google when looking for the types of service you provide. Also, choose keywords and phrases that focus on specific areas of specialty—like divorce, child custody, corporate law, DUI, etc.

Mistake #2 Legal Speak

In addition to selecting the correct keywords, you need to make sure that your ads are written in a professional manner that is relatable to the audience you serve. Sometimes as lawyers, you naturally write in a formal or technical manner. While this is required for your legal documents, it is not the most effective manner of winning over your local leads.

Mistake #3 Failing To Test Your Ads

Don’t just jump all into one ad, and instead test two similar ads to see which one performs better. Utilize the analytics provided by Google to determine which one delivers the best results. Also, remember that an ad that does well today may not still be effective 6 months from now—so continue to test and tweak as needed. Test ads with:

  • Similar keywords
  • Different headlines
  • Different images
  • Different times of day
  • Mobile vs. desktop

Mistake #4 The Wrong Time Of Day

Running ads 24 hours, a day isn’t the best way to move forward with your ad campaigns, particularly not your mobile ads. Leads that find their way to mobile Google ads for lawyers are more likely to be searching during business hours, so don’t waste your money on after hours clicks. However, your desktop leads are likely to perform their searches during business hours, or between work and 10pm—so don’t waste your ad dollars in the middle of the night PPC.

Mistake #5 Where Your Ad Links To

The goal of Google advertising for lawyers is to drive more traffic and land more leads, but many firms get so wrapped up in selecting their keyword, designing their ad, and setting their budget—that they forget to consider the importance of where the ad links to. Your website home page? A related website page? A landing page? A contact form? For best results, be strategic, and try to “capture” the lead with a phone number or email address so that your team can reach out ASAP.

Google ads are an excellent way for lawyers to generate traffic, leads, and conversions—but as with everything you do online, you must create a strategy based on serving the needs of your target audience.

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