Feb 07
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How to Use Facebook Marketing for Your Restaurant Without Being Salesy and Pushy?

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you are in, your Facebook and social media posts won’t get you anywhere if they are too sales heavy. As a restaurant owner, you must leverage Facebook marketing for restaurants to create mouthwatering imagery that gets new patrons through the door. Here are a few tips.

Make Sure The Type Of Food You Serve Is Included In Your About Section

Many locals (or travelers) will use the Facebook search features as a search engine to find nearby restaurants. So, although short and sweet, you must make sure that your profile About section clarifies what type of food you specialize in: frozen yogurt, Italian, vegan, seafood, etc. This will ensure that your restaurant populates in search results.

Snap Shots Of Your Best Sellers And Seasonal Specials

Once someone finds your restaurant they will want to see what you have to offer, so be sure to post a ton of pics. For best results, create individual Facebook tabs and/or photo albums that make it fast and easy to identify your appetizers, salads, main courses, desserts, and drinks. Also, snap a photo of your current menu so that those on the fence can easily see your menu without having to leave Facebook. Again, your menu could be an individual tab.

Offer Facebook Promo Codes, Coupons, And Specials

If your regulars know that you offer Facebook-only specials, it will keep them coming back regularly to check what is new. Whether added to an album or not, aim to have a fabulous photo featuring your food in almost everything you post. Get creative and try to run promotions that will encourage your patrons to post photos or comments in response to your Facebook promos.

Geo-Target Your Ads

Facebook paid advertising is quite cost-effective, but to get the most bang for your buck—be sure to geo-target your ads. Don’t just target your main city or service area, but also your surrounding cities and suburbs.

Share Recipes And Cooking Tips

You might not want to give up the secret ingredients for the recipes on your menu, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share some recipes. Share some seasonal items, some fast and healthy at-home recipes, how to master a specific cooking or food preparation technique, or show some fun recipes for the hot sauce, olive oil, or food items you sell as gifts. Post as a visually appealing recipe, or shot a short “How To” video. For example, how to marinate steak, how to clean fish, how to grill veggies, how to slice and dice onions with ease, how to cook an unusual grain, or how to mix the perfect martini.

Post Food Fun Facts

Who invented chocolate chip cookies? What is the origin of a Friday Fish Fry? What makes red rice red? Post food fun facts relevant to your menu as a method of generating engagement.

To make your posts standout invest in an online photo editing and DIY graphic design tool that makes it easy to post a quick and easy standout posts. As you can see, Facebook marketing for restaurants can be quite creative, without being too pushy.

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