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The Rise of Inbound Marketing Strategies for your Business1 - The Rise of Inbound Marketing Strategies for your Business

The Rise of Inbound Marketing Strategies for your Business

Inbound marketing is fast catching up in the industry. For business owners, the most attractive aspect about inbound marketing is that it offers a very high Return on Investment (ROI). For marketers, this method proves attractive because they can obtain better conversions for clients and help businesses obtain a higher ROI on their marketing budget. Due to several aspects that work in favor of inbound marketing for business, this method has risen in reputation.

inbound marketing vancouver - The Rise of Inbound Marketing Strategies for your BusinessHow does inbound marketing work?

Essentially, inbound marketing brings leads and customers into your business so that you don’t have to go out and reach them.

Using good content on your website and strong link building campaigns are some examples of inbound marketing. When you implement these techniques effectively, customers come to you. In other words, you need to create strong currents that pull people towards you. So, it gives you access to target audience.

Conventional marketing methods such as print advertising, outbound phone contacts, flyers, banners and ad mail marketing are outbound marketing methods. With these methods, you need to reach out to your customers.



How to integrate inbound marketing channels with your website?

The trick behind integrating inbound marketing with your website is to turn your website into a hub for customer interaction. Use social media, publish great content that visitors consider worth sharing, blog like a pro and implement effective SEO.

inbound marketing channels vancouver - The Rise of Inbound Marketing Strategies for your Business

Powerful Content

The most effective form of inbound marketing on a website is to publish content of excellent quality. Use blogs, create e-books, promote videos on YouTube, conduct webinars, publish reviews and write effective press releases. Content should be exemplary in three main avenues – informative value, well-spoken and easy to understand language, and presentation style that resonates with client mindset.

When customers can relate with the content that you publish, they come to you regularly and you have a better chance of getting them to convert. What’s more, when they continue to receive good content, they recommend your business to friends and hence, aid in word of mouth marketing for your business.


Excellent content is not of much value unless your target customers find it. This is where SEO steps in. By increasing the visibility of your content, SEO makes sure that target customers notice your website.

High quality links, use of effective keywords, diverse anchor texts and optimizing on technical aspects such as HMTL coding are essential to bring customers to your website. In essence, on-page optimization is crucial.


Use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social networking channels. Google+ is big these days. Guest blogging is a good way of inbound marketing for business. Share good articles on social media sites. Join relevant communities. Create new communities relevant to your business. Visual content is very effective. Use it effectively through infographics, video sharing and picture sharing.


Gamification is the process of creating a game-like user experience for people who visit your website. This process stimulates visitors and hence, you can engage them effectively.


Decide on for responsive web design for your website so that the pages render well on devices of all screen sizes. You can also fuel inbound marketing by using mobile apps for your business.

The bottom line of inbound marketing for business is to “cultivate” a clientele by leveraging your website. You receive results sooner and they are more effective in business growth.

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