Mar 25
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Why You Should Integrate Location-based Marketing Into Your Business

The advantages of using location-based mobile marketing tools to promote your business

Years from now, consumers are still going to depend on their mobile devices as a resource for almost anything humanity can think of. This social, mobile, digitized world we live in is continuing to change the way people do business. For one, it has allowed businesses to connect with consumers, anywhere, anytime. This is done with location-based marketing, where consumers can instantly access information on your business like your address or ongoing promotions, via their smartphones or tablets. If you haven’t considered this marketing strategy yet, here are reasons that could convince you. Or better yet, think about the potential customers you’ll lose if they can’t find you online.

Easy visibility

If you want consumers to find your business within a snap, it’s a must to be listed in the most obvious places they’ll look. This means the top three search engine directories: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These three have built-in map services consumers can access to find your business, which is very helpful especially for the mobile dependent and on-the-go individual.

Equally as important as being listed is keeping all online information for your business updated and correct. This includes accurate street names, and building numbers, contact numbers, and other pertinent information. You can check if your business can be searched online via Try having your business listed not only in major local search engines, but also in online yellow pages and local social networks like Google+ Local, Google Business Places, or

New customers

You can draw instant foot traffic to your storefront via location-based promotions. One of the perks of using mobile GPS technology for business is opening new routes to get your latest promos and offers to potential customers nearby who are using their mobile gadgets. Through daily deal sites like Groupon, currently ranked the most popular, customers can easily find ongoing deals and promos within their area. Other recommended daily deal sites you can use for your business are LivingSocial, DealFind, MobSav, and PushaDeal.

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Customers get real-time updates            

GPS technology also lets you send new deals and promotions to consumers via text messaging. Customers who choose to receive SMS notifications from you will know right away whether you’re hosting a sale or promotion. They can also customize and choose which brands or categories they’d want to receive updates from. Thumbvista, SMS Marketing Services, and AT&T Alerts are known providers of SMS marketing services.

Instant reviews and exposure via social networking

With the use of their mobile devices, customers inform their friends on social media networking sites like FourSquare and Facebook every time they’re at your place, your location, who they’re with, and what they’re doing, eating, etc. It’s called “checking in”. This also acts as a recommendation to their friends to try out your business offerings. Another way your business gets exposure through social networking is when customers write online reviews of your place. A lot of positive ratings and glowing reviews could boost your image and customer following. On the other hand, a negative review could give you the right insight you need to improve your business.

Location-Based Marketing Infographic

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