May 01
Wordlogic Website Design by Solocube1 - WordLogic Rejuvenates Their Online Presence To Better Reflect Their Revolutionary Multi-Platform Predictive Text Technologies

WordLogic Rejuvenates Their Online Presence To Better Reflect Their Revolutionary Multi-Platform Predictive Text Technologies

In the ever-changing and ultra competitive world of communication technologies, WordLogic Corporation is a proven leader in the development of advanced predictive text input software useful for anyone who relies on electronic communications, from typists to students, journalists to office workers. In order to reach an ever expanding market of predictive text users, WordLogic has applied their business philosophy of efficient communication to their own website, and relied on the professional and cutting edge web skills of Solocube Solutions Inc. to develop

Solocube has seriously enhanced WordLogic’s online presence with the creation of an effective and bold new website, introducing WordLogic’s new line of predictive keyboard solutions on desktop, handheld and tablet PC platforms. The new site is also a central tenet for WordLogic’s new marketing plan to promote their revolutionary software technology, as well as the soon to be launched new text entry/text messaging input solution utilizing the WordLogic's patent pending prediction engine.

Additionally, Solocube designed the packaging for all three versions of the WordLogic software.

“The new website has seriously promoted WordLogic by laying out in a simple and easily understood fashion our revolutionizing technology that is changing how people communicate electronically,” said WordLogic Senior-Vice President Peter Knaven.

With the launch of the new website, WordLogic is now more capable than ever to meet the needs of a growing market for computer users who want the ease and convenience of predictive text.

“WordLogic is in the business of effective communication, so the essential element in the new website was making their product as easily understood as possible” said Ivan Dancourt, CEO of Solocube Solutions Inc. “We were able to take their marketing, product packaging and website to the next level, to reach the ever growing numbers of people who want to use their revolutionary technology to excel in business and personal communications.”

Consumers can find WordLogic products in online retailers such as HandangoAmazonPockegear andJ&R.

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