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10 Tricks Copywriters Use to Create High Converting Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Every business owner wants to measure the ROI of every new marketing campaign, especially their Facebook advertising. Facebook has some excellent built-in analytics tools that help you to gauge your success. But how do you increase your conversions? The Facebook ad copy tips below will help.

Tip #1 Avoid Sales Heavy Headlines

This a common mistake that many, who are new to writing online ads, make. While there may be mention of price and product, the goal is to write an ad that highlights how you can meet a need or solve a problem.

Tip #2 Write to The Group You Are Targeting

Facebook has powerful ad targeting tools, and you need to learn how to use them. Before you think about writing your ad, you must make sure you define exactly who you are trying to convert and write to them.

Tip #3 Write More Than One Ad

You never want to put all your eggs in one basket, and with how affordable FB ads are, you should run multiple ads for multiple segments of your audience base.

Tip #4 Test Your Ads

Before you go all-in with any ad, write and test at least two versions to see which one does better. Test with different headlines and even with different images.

Tip #5 Invest in Your Media

The image, graphic, or video you select often has more of an impact than your text. In fact, most will not even read your headline or text unless your media catches their eye. This means you must invest in quality images, standout graphics, and professionally edited videos.

Tip #6 Edit Your Images

You don’t have to be a photo editor to make ROI-boosting changes to your images. Applying a filter and adjusting brightness and contrast can go a long way, and almost every image could use at least one or two improvements.

Tip #7 Retarget High ROI Ad Groups

The next time you have a Facebook ad that does well, don’t just keep running that ad, but create a similar ad to a retargeted group. Facebook will do this for you by using their audience retargeting features.

Tip #8 Send Ads to A Sales Funnel

Facebook ad copywriting tricks go beyond the ad to where you send those who want to learn more. Sometimes, this will be directly to your website or product page, but a fair portion of your ads should be sent into a targeted sales funnel.

Tip #9 Increase Overall Engagement

You must not allow your overall social media engagement to fall by the wayside. The more followers and engagement you achieve, the easier it is for Facebook to target your ideal conversion accurately. So, you must continue to post regularly and respond to all comments.

Tip #10 Write to Your Current Fans

One of the many targeting features you can choose from is to ensure your ad or sponsored post is sent to people who have recently visited your website. Since something distinct captured their attention, your ad will keep you top of mind, so write ads that speak to those who already know who you are.

These Facebook ad copy tips are powerful and effective and can be used to increase engagement for ads across all industries.

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