Nov 13
10 web design mistakes you should avoid FB - 10 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

10 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Making a mistake is only human, but some mistakes cost companies dearly.  Web designing is an area which has a lot of room for creativity and improvement. However, there are few mistakes that can be fatal. Let discuss the 10 intolerable mistakes of Web design:

1. Never forget your target audience

The most crucial part of a web designing process is researching about your target audience; a point that is most of the time overlooked in a rush to get your website ready and live. Remember, a website is never made to target everyone. You can’t win customers by pleasing everyone. Instead, define your target groups and focus on designing a website that offers the best in class experience to them.

2. Do you have a clear Call to action

Yes, you got the customer to your home page. Now what’s next? What else do you want him/her to do? Whether you want him to buy a product or subscribe to your newsletter. Your web design should not miss the call to action for the customer. The customer should be able to smoothly navigate through your website in a direction that you set for him.

3. Do not underestimate the power of Content

If your content is stale, no matter how much you decorate your site, it would add to the collective waste of time and money. The essential and latest information about all your products and services presented in an interesting manner is very important. Freshness of your website in terms of content is essential to make your website appealing, drive visitors to it and improve your search engine ranking as well.

4. Does your website have mobile compatibility

There are more than 75% of users who own a Smartphone and prefer mobile friendly websites. It would be impractical to expect visibility and reach if your web design is not compatible with mobile handsets that allow users to visit it while on the go in today’s modern world.

5. Excess of anything has an adverse effect on your user experience

Too much use of images and animations clutters your website and are never recommended.

6. Usage of flash animations

Use of flash appropriately is another important task that web designers fail to concentrate upon. Too much of flash annoys the user. Also, the use of flash on websites is quickly fading out, majorly due to the lack of support from some smartphones, as well as relying on third party plugins to run features of your site is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

7. Are you still stuck with HTML pages

With the CSS ruling the web designing platform, there’s no good reason to keep using static HTML pages as compared to the much faster, full of features and more reliable CSS.

8. Do not play unnecessary music for your users

If at all an audio file is necessary, ensure that it gets played only after the user clicks on it. Unnecessary and forced music will annoy your visitor.

9. Use an easy to understand navigation structure

A simple and single easy to understand navigation is sure to enrich your user experience and create a positive impact for your website.

10. Use very useful functional links at the footer

Ensure that every space for your website is designed in a way that the customer can explore and collect useful information from them. If a customer is scrolling your webpage right till the end, that most likely means, he still needs some more information. Include some useful links at the bottom of the page for further help.

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