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Are the Best Chat Bots Advanced Enough to Schedule Your Appointments and Meetings?

Chat bots are still a fairly new technology and we are just at the tip of the iceberg in terms of how they can be utilized. Some of the best chat bots can be used to schedule appointments and meetings, along with displaying many more features.

Calendar-Synced Chat Bots

At this point in time, you are likely to have at least a few calendar-synced electronic mediums. For example, if your calendar is synced to your email or smartphone text messages, it will likely ask if you want to add items that appear to be schedulable to your calendar. You can link your internal, external, or HR interview calendar with employee, client, or candidate schedules in order to schedule interviews, meetings, and other appointments in open timeframes. At the very least, it can be used to suggest times that work for everyone involved.

Replace Online Booking Tools

Many business owners allow their clients to book their appointments online, either by viewing the current openings or by booking within your appointed days and timeframes. This system can be cleaner and more efficient by using a chat bot. In addition to scheduling an appointment, chat bots can be set up to respond to designated actions. For example, to send automated appointment reminders or appointment follow-ups. The more intelligent your chat bot, the more engaging it will feel.


Speaking of reminders, chat bots can be used to create detailed reminders, not just a ringing bell. They can also be utilized to create a series of reminders throughout the day, week, or project. Again, the ability to link the reminders to an action is key. For example, an alert can be set up to automatically send clients reminders 6 months after a dentist appointment.

Delayed Scheduling

As mentioned above, chat bots can be synced with a calendar to automatically schedule in available timeframes, though that doesn’t always work. For example, if an employee wants to schedule a day off, it may need to be approved. The chat bot can be used for both the request and the approval, maybe even with some alternative dates or times.

Clear Up Pre-Meeting Communication—Or Eliminate The Need For A Meeting

Our schedules have become so busy that we even have to schedule phone calls with clients and colleagues. While there are some things that are just easier to discuss or review in a phone call, not everything needs a one-on-one response. Yes, you can send an email—but that requires a wait/response time. When it comes to some of the most frequently asked product or project questions, a chat bot can be utilized. Think beyond work, products, and services—to asking a professor a basic question about an upcoming assignment. This can free up a mountain of time for general inquiries and can clear up email inboxes.

As you can see, there are many ways in which your chat bot can be used to schedule your appointment and meetings—but they can be used for so much more too. Some of the best chat bots to consider include ManyChat, Chatfuel, Conversable, Dialogflow and Mobile Monkey.

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