Mar 21
how to position your lead magnet offer on a landing page for optimum conversion 1000x563 - How to Position Your Lead Magnet Offer on a Landing Page for Optimum Conversion?

How to Position Your Lead Magnet Offer on a Landing Page for Optimum Conversion?

Landing pages are the creatively designed pages that you direct leads to when they click on your PPC ad or another promotional link. Sometimes this is a page on your website which is only accessible via your promotional link, while sometimes lead pages are stand-alone pages. Whichever you prefer, there will be an opt-in lead magnet on your landing page. However, where should you put it?

What Is The Length Of The Page?

Some landing pages take up a little more than a screen or two, while some can be scrolled down several pages. As a rule, if your page is short, place your lead magnet above the fold—above the area in which viewers must scroll down to see. This may vary depending on your laptop or mobile devices. If your page is longer, you may place it at the very bottom, or in multiple places on the page.

What Type Of Landing Page Is It?

If your landing page is your home page, where you place your lead magnet will vary from where it would be placed if it were on a landing page where the primary feature is a video. For example, your homepage will likely have a sidebar or an opt-in box built into the footer. For a creatively designed landing page, your lead magnet can be placed just about anywhere that supports the design. Front and center may not be the best approach for most pages, but may be creatively mixed in with the text and graphics.

What Are Your Opt-In Goals?

One of the many reasons to create landing pages is to hyper-target specific sectors of your demographic, siphoning your leads into a clear and measurable marketing funnel. However, your goal may be a bit less specific. Maybe you want to generate a general pre-launch mailing list or a monthly newsletter. In this case, your opt-in page may be in the sidebar or footer of your Home page.

Will You Utilize A Pop-Up Too?

There are many ways that pop-ups can be utilized on landing pages. A newsletter pop-up can appear after anyone finds their way to your website. Alternatively, maybe you use a pop-up when someone leaves your website or landing page. In this case, it could be the same lead magnet you offer on the page, providing them with one last chance to opt in.

We recommend using KudaniLeads to create pop-ups for your website, it's a great tool! KudaniLeads is a wordPress plugin that boosts your conversion rate and grows your list without any additional traffic.

Using A Landing Page Template Can Help!

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a stunning and effective landing page. You can use Designrr to easily create a lead magnet PDF,  and once your lead magnet is complete, utilize intuitive landing page DIY builders such as Leadpages, ClickFunnels, and KudaniLeads. Each comes with predesigned templates that you can customize as needed, and you can, of course, build your pages from scratch. In addition to traditional lead pages, they can also be used to design thank you pages, webinar pages, launch pages, 404 pages, upsell pages, and more.

If you have yet to design your lead magnet, choose from free eBooks, checklists, video series, printed templates, infographics, and more!

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