Oct 18
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How Successful are Bots at Convincing Your Clients to Take a Survey About a Recent Purchase?

Wouldn’t you love to gather more insights about your customers’ recent purchases? Timely insights even? One way many companies are doing that is by setting up an automated chat bot survey. But how successful are cat bots at driving new consumer insights?

A Bot Will Increase Your ROI

Even if you automate a follow-up email survey, the open rate for these emails remains low. However, sending a direct inbox message through Facebook or Twitter almost guarantees the initial message will be read. More importantly, the average business sees an increase of between 70 and 90 percent in competed surveys.

Some Clients Won’t Even Know They Are Taking A Survey

Your survey chat bot can be set up in a conversational manner, making it seem as though consumers are engaging with a live customer service representative. In fact, they may not even know they are responding to a survey, but answering direct service-related questions. As an added benefit, these timely direct inquiries can help you identify service, product, and delivery issues without delay.

A Direct Message Will Boost Customer Satisfaction

An email asking you to take a survey can feel like work, but a direct inbox message feels personal and engaging. It feels like a company took the time to reach out directly. Even when consumers don’t fill out the survey or complete all the questions, the direct message will go a long way in boosting customer satisfaction rates.

Create An Intelligent Survey

You have two types of chat bots to choose from—simple and AI.
Both will quickly and easily boost survey engagement, but an AI chat bot will learn and grow to help you uncover powerful new insights. AI is more of an upfront investment but can be used for much more than social media surveys.

Accessible For Businesses Of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business, how large your sales, or what industry you are in, you can always use more consumer feedback. Simple bots are easy and accessible to business on any budget, and those with more to invest can get more strategic with an investment in AI.

Not Just For Consumers Surveys

The sky is the limit when it comes to chat bots, beyond consumer, vendor, and even employee feedback. Think of your bot as your 24/7 personal assistant and customer service agent. You can set up your bot so it automatically offers assistance to all website and social media visitors and easily program it to answer a long list of FAQs—no coding required! If you opt for an AI bot, it will continue to learn and grow without your input.

If you really want to know what your customers think about their recent purchase or interaction, set up an automated bot survey and use the data you generate to improve your product or service.