Oct 25
3 ways all wordpress alternatives for websites fall behind 1000x563 - 3 Ways All WordPress Alternatives for Websites Fall Behind

3 Ways All WordPress Alternatives for Websites Fall Behind

There is certainly no shortage of alternatives to WordPress for websites, but there is a reason why WordPress continues to reign supreme. If you are considering switching to an alternative, or building your first website from a tool other than WP—you must first consider the reasons below.

Design Your Pages Any Way You Like

The challenge with most WP alternatives, is that you are extremely limited to your webpage design. While your theme may have a few options for customizing the banner and layout of your page, it is nothing when you compare the options for any WordPress theme—which are in the thousands per theme. Whether free or premium, you can design your WP website page by page. For example, the layout of your Home page is likely to be vastly different from your About page, and pages like your Services or Product Sales page may need to be drastically different. Whatever your preference, you can design the layout of each page as you wish—right down to the colors and the font.

Integrate With Social Media—And More!

Your website should serve as an online hub from which all your online content and online profiles link back to. To ensure you have the options you require, you can upload a long list of integrated plug-ins. Some plug-ins are free, while others have an upfront or annual fee. Unlike many other DIY alternatives, these plug-ins allow users to easily like or share your content to social media, comment on your posts, engage in two-way communication, or even opt-in to your email newsletter. Not all plug-ins are designed for social media and communication, but also for SEO, analytics, increased security, payment processing, chat bots, and much more! You may also be limited to the ways in which you can link to and from your DIY website, which limits your ability to build quality backlinks that are needed to boost your page rank.

Your Website Is Yours

Another excellent reason to choose WordPress over other builders, is that once you purchase your URL—it is yours. Yes, you will have to renew your URL before it expires, but unlike other DIY tools, you will own your website, not them. If your other website builder were to go out of business, or have major technical problems—there isn’t much you can do about it. Aside from your URL, most DIY builders host their own websites. This becomes problematic, because as your business continues to grow, you will require more than standard hosting. Stick with WordPress and you can select the advanced and secure hosting provided by a company of your choice, without changing to a new URL as would be required if you start with an alternative DIY.

These are just some of the most important reasons why alternatives to WordPress for websites falls short, but there are certainly much more. If you are searching for ultimate freedom and flexibility, and the ability to change your website layout, features, and functions at any time—WP is the only way to go!


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